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A family owned restaurant founded in 2016 in Bend, Oregon, that sources seasonal and local ingredients from local suppliers. Mr. Marcelo Garcia started this easy to start up, top rated #1 restaurant in the USA that serves gourmet sausages with an Argentinian flair. As his mission, he created over a million ways to eat bangers without eating the same thing twice! The options are endless and that is what keeps the customers coming back. Not only is there great food at Bangers & Brews, the price and quality are bang on.</p?

Bangers & Brews refuses to compromise on quality in their restaurants with food still built from scratch. Bangers & Brews stands by their commitment to doing all that they can to ensure victory for every Bangers & Brews “Eating Bangers Drinking Brew” franchise by working with you!

The company has become a staple of the Bend and Eugene communities with raving reviews. Based on its track record of success and operational wisdom, Bangers & Brews is now launching a Franchise program under the ownership and management of the original founder, Mr. Marcelo Garcia.


Anyone can crisp up Bangers & pour some awesome brews but it’s what goes into that makes those bangers so yummy!

Bangers & Brews is all about being a wonderful place to eat, drink and hang out family-style!


Bangers & Brews is an easy to operate, low overhead franchise. The business model is simple but profitable. Through experience, a proven system and process has been developed.


Food made from scratch and with consumers in mind drive profitability. Never rushed, the process ensures the best quality food at an honest price.

Generous ROI

Bangers & Brews is an affordable step into the Food and Beverage industry with a streamlined process and consistent delivery of quality.


We help our franchisees deliver an upscale and fun experience to customers with support from operations to marketing and ongoing research and development.

Our Support

We help our franchisees deliver an upscale and fun experience to customers with support from operations to marketing and ongoing research and development.

Operational Support

We will provide you with ongoing training and support in many areas, including unit operations, maintenance, customer-service techniques, product order, pricing guidelines and administrative procedures.

Marketing Support

We coordinate and develop the advertising materials, strategies, and customer marketing plans that you will need.

Ongoing Business Development Support

Our continued research methods and techniques to enhance your unit-level profitability will be provided to you.


We are looking for business-savvy individuals with strong work ethic and integrity who also meet the financial requirements to become our franchise partner.

Strong sales and customer service abilities

Personable and comfortable with face-to-face customer service work and the ability to sell directly to guests.

General Business Acumen

Able to understand and interpret the various accounting and business reports that are essential in properly managing the Franchise. They must have a strong work ethic and
should exhibit leadership qualities where they lead by example.

Company Culture “Buy-in”

Must understand and exhibit the Bangers & Brews culture.

Able to meet initial investment requirements

Should have at least $180,900 in liquid capital (cash) to account for working capital, startup costs, marketing dollars, and initial franchise fees to get their Bangers & Brews off the ground.

Understands Cost Management

A good Franchise candidate for Bangers & Brews will know and understand how to manage the major costs for the restaurant, typically food and labor.



Complete our questionnaire form we emailed to you and we will reach out to provide you with more information.


We will schedule an in-person or remote meeting to review your application and discuss details as we begin our partnership.

Discovery Day

Our franchise development representative will schedule a visit to our corporate location. Discovery Day is the time to ask questions and get a feel for how each Bangers & Brews is operated.

Let’s Review

Next, our team will send you a copy of the Bangers & Brews Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for your review. You will have 14 days to review the document.

Apply for Financing

After the FDD review, this is the time to apply for financing if needed!

Your Ownership is Official!

Once we have all decided to move forward, you will review our FA (franchise agreement), sign the appropriate documents, and make your franchise ownership official. You are now a Bangers & Brews franchise partner!


Franchise Facts

The initial franchise fee is $30,000 and the minimum estimated cost is $180,900 – $316,850 including the franchise fee.

Franchise Fee: $30,000

Initial Investment Range:

$180,900 – $316,850

Royalty Fee: 5% of your gross sales


Like what you see and ready to make a difference in your future with Bangers & Brews?

To get started, fill out the franchise form or visit our website at


Contact Phone: (541) 410-5222
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Title: Franchise Sales
Franchise Fee: $30000
Initial Investment: $180,900 - $316,850

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