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BodyJump Fitness is on a mission to provide the most productive, high performance fitness environment through high energy, low impact workouts! Utilizing our proven business model and years of business expertise, we have developed a franchise system that places all of the dependable BodyJump Fitness resources and tools into the hands of our qualified franchisees.

Now is the time to jump into a trendy, reliable business that will combine your passion for fitness with a trustworthy operation!

Step into a BodyJump Fitness franchise today!


Since 2016, we have dialed in our methods to be the best of the best. Armed with an innate understanding of fitness and people, our business is set apart not only by our members and community. In the same way, we have strategically built a franchise system that takes care of our franchisees, from pre-launch and build-out, to ongoing technical support and marketing guidance. This is our chance to gain footing in an exciting, on-trend fitness concept that boasts high profit potential and tons of fun!

BodyJump Fitness franchisees are jumping into a business that has tons of market differentiators:

Our Jumping PROFI trampolines set us apart from all other fitness studios!

Superior fitness technology monitors members in real time!

Incredibly fun, straightforward day-to-day operations.

High-demand, vibrant, clean workout facility.

Well-branded, strong social media presence, high referral and retention rate.

Are you ready to combine your passion for fitness with a revenue-producing, enjoyable lifestyle? BodyJump Fitness may be right for you.


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