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Creating a Five Star Experience in Franchisee Success

If you’re looking to expand your assets into the hotel industry, or convert an existing asset into a superior operational model, here are several solid reasons why you should consider a BridgePointe Hotels franchise:

No royalties on OTAs
One of the biggest drawbacks for hotel franchisees is the online travel agency (OTA) booking system. Other branded chains currently take their royalty percentage on OTA bookings, costing franchisees 22-25% in commission and royalty fees per room! As a franchisor, we believe that it is our duty to bring in as many direct bookings as possible to lower franchisee commission costs.

Open-Source Vendors
Due to entrenched kickbacks, the vendor pool for many brands is limited. At BridgePointe Hotels , we believe in allowing our franchisees to utilize an open-source vendor program, increasing both transparency and flexibility within the guidelines we set forth.

Strong Support System
Franchisees will be able to utilize the coaching, branding and strategic alliances that our successful operating corporate prototypes developed over the years, shortening the learning curve for launching a successful franchise.

Four-Tier Model for Easier Conversions
BridgePointe Hotels offers four franchise levels ranging from value to upper-midscale, allowing for different amenities levels and easier franchise conversions.

Be part of a replicable business platform that provides profitability in a high-demand industry.

We Laid the Foundation

On Which You Can Build.

Through a laser focus on customer service while streamlining operations, BridgePointe Hotels brings simplicity and value to the hotel industry, without compromising quality. Through years of industry experience, the BridgePointe Hotels management team has developed a highly successful operational model. Leveraging that expertise, we will franchise this business model into both existing and emerging markets. The BridgePointe Hotels model provides a platform for profitability and ease of operation via superior training and support, and a unique-in-the-industry fee structure.

Who Is A Good Fit For Us?

Hospitality is Not Just a Keyword.

The BridgePointe Hotels concept is one that relies on dedication to the customer experience, consistently applied. Our ideal franchisee candidate not only has an existing knowledge of local markets (e.g., real estate investors, hotel owners) but also exhibits a high benchmark for sales, time management, customer service and a desire to excel in the hotel industry.

Experienced hospitality industry professionals, or those with a background in other customer-facing professions would make suitable candidates for this model. Aside from meeting the initial investment requirements of at least $120,000 in investment capital, franchisees must exhibit this same dedication to prioritizing the customer experience.

Training & Support

It’s More Than an Investment. It’s a Way of Life.

We understand that the owner/operator franchise model involves significant investment – not just monetarily, but of time and lifestyle as well. That’s why we provide every possible tool for franchise success.

BridgePointe’s franchisee training program:

On-site training at the franchisee’s location to facilitate the commencement of operations. Annual refresher training consisting of two 2-day sessions will also be available, and a member of the BridgePointe Hotels field support staff will visit each franchisee once per year. The franchisor additionally provides ongoing support in these areas: operations, marketing, purchasing, accounting/audit/legal.

Required Investment

Franchise Fee: $20,000 for both startup franchises & conversation models

Initial Investment: $117,150 – $346,500 (including franchise fee)

Average Initial Investment: $231,825

Membership Fee: $1,000 per month

Royalty Fee On NON-OTA Bookings: 5.5%

Unlock unlimited opportunity by joining the BridgePointe Hotels team.

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Contact Phone: 978-886-7908
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Title: Franchise Sales
Franchise Fee: $20000
Initial Investment: $117,150 - $346,500 (including franchise fee)
Lead Email: [email protected]

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