Crazy Delights

Crazy Delights

Enjoy High Potential Profits Serving Guilt-Free Desserts

The market for delicious desserts has always been a lucrative one, but in recent times the world has been introduced to desserts that are not only delicious but good for you. The industry of guilt-free desserts has seen heightened profitability with the rise of health consciousness, and when it comes to healthy desserts there’s no better choice than what Crazy Delights has to offer. Potential entrepreneurs can reap the benefits of joining a franchise that has a simple operating structure that can be replicated with ease. In addition to this it provides the franchisee with a strong potential for ROI in a lucrative market, creating a low-risk investment for budding entrepreneurs looking to start their journey in the world of business.

Crazy Delights provides a healthy and delightful variety of Paletas made with real fruit. Paletas is a classic treat originating in Mexico that is both aesthetically pleasing and tasty for the consumer. It doesn’t rely on artificial flavors but rather the fresh tastes of natural ingredients that meet the demand for sweet treats that aren’t harsh on the stomach. Crazy Delights serves a variety of flavors in their Paletas with fruits, cream, and chocolate, in addition to serving specialty coffee that most competitors do not offer, and so many more amazing Mexican delicacies.

Although our menu’s quality speaks for itself, Crazy Delights is also proud to offer excellent customer service. We hold ourselves to the highest standards not only in ingredients but in hospitality to create an unmatched experience for all of our adoring and loyal customers.

We are selling the beloved sweet tastes of Mexico to Southern California and now we want you to join us in bringing our delicacies to your community. Join the movement of guilt-free desserts and watch as our crazy delightful desserts make you an outstanding success!

See the Delightful Difference With Our Franchisee Benefits

Crazy Delights is offering a wide selection of delectable desserts and a taste that people can’t get enough of. We are offering you the chance to take advantage of our unique business concept, top quality ingredients, diverse range of services, and simple operating structure to start making yourself profitable. Don’t miss this ground floor opportunity to make your mark on the industry of guilt-free desserts.

The world is growing tired of the everyday dessert shop, they’re ready for something refreshing and new! Customers will not need to look any further, they’ve found the latest and greatest destination for their sweet treat needs. Our menu has great variety that includes our signature paletas, acai bowls, agua frescas, crepes, churros, nachos, and even more delightfully delicious options!

We at Crazy Delights take great pride in the ingredients we use in our desserts. Our paletas, acai bowls, and juices are made with real fresh fruits to give customers the great taste they crave at no cost to their health. You can take advantage of the health conscious movement by joining our team today!

Crazy Delights is expanding its reach by offering services for the convenience of our customers. Customers can place their Crazy Delights orders online for a quick and easy pick up or for fast delivery. In addition we offer catering to our customers including a paleta cart rental, fresh party trays, and party sized agua frescas to keep everyone at their next event well fed and refreshed.

Crazy Delights has a simple operating structure that creates the ability to operate in new markets and areas without increasing the cost and responsibilities for management. The system is well positioned for growth with a proven track record for success. Our business model is structured to efficiently provide profitability and ease of operating for management.

The guilt-free dessert movement is taking the world by storm and every budding entrepreneur is looking for a way in. By providing a variety of food products with delicious and healthy choices, you will be filling the strong demand for top quality desserts.

Are You a Fit for The Crazy Delights Team?

We are on the hunt for the best franchisees to join the Crazy Delights team. We have been able to identify the most desirable traits in potential franchisees and have outlined them here for you! Although there may be a number of viable franchisees, Crazy Delights management will give favor to applicants that meet the following criteria:

  • Sales and Customer Service Skills
  • Good with Time and Schedule Management
  • Knowledge of Business Procedures
  • High Personal Standards
  • Understands Cost Management

Delighted to Help

You’re never alone when you become a Crazy Delights franchisee. We provide ongoing training for franchisees and employees, support in critical areas of operations and marketing, and even more exceptional assistance to keep you on the path to success. Work can be a delight when you join the Crazy Delights team!

We at Crazy Delights offer a three phase training program for all franchisees and select personnel to ensure they are prepared to meet their fullest potential when their doors open. Phase 1 includes training at Crazy Delights headquarters before the grand opening of the franchisee’s business. During this time franchisees will be instructed on administrative, operational, and marketing matters. Phase 2 will be provided at the franchisee’s location and focus on unit operations with field-based training. Phase 3 includes updated training annually with the opportunity to train additional personnel. Our training program is ongoing so you’re always up to date on the best practices for managing your business.

Crazy Delights is proud to offer outstanding support to all of their franchisees to keep their businesses thriving. We offer operational support in critical areas including: unit operations and maintenance, customer service techniques, product ordering, establishing pricing guidelines, and administrative procedures.

In addition to the operational aspect, Crazy Delights also offers top notch marketing support. This includes assistance in the development of advertising materials and strategies for every franchise to attract the public’s attention. Other supports in this area include supplying franchisees with consumer marketing plans and assisting the franchisee with any advertising materials they choose to develop.

Our support is unwavering and includes help for franchisees in multiple essential areas. We will also be providing support in negotiations for purchasing supplies, site selection services, financial and legal oversight of franchisees, and more!

Franchise Fees


ESTIMATED MINIMUM INITIAL INVESTMENT: $225,421 (with franchise fee)

ROYALTY FEE: 6.0% of Gross Sales

Your Life Can Be a Dream on the Crazy Delights Team!

Crazy Delights’s mission is to enrich the lives of our customers, employees, and of course, our franchisees. We thrive in creating fresh, top-quality desserts and beverages for all of our customers. We provide our franchisees with unmatched advantages using our unique business concept, a diverse range of services, and a simple operating structure that creates a strong potential for ROI. This is in addition to our excellent training and support programs to keep your franchise on the path for success. Make your business dreams a reality when you bring the sweet taste of Mexico to America on the Crazy Delights team!

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Contact Phone: 978-886-7908
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Title: Franchise Sales
Franchise Fee: $30000
Initial Investment: $225,421 (with franchise fee)
Lead Email: [email protected]

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