Delicious Treats

Delicious Treats

Made-To-Order Quality in an On-the-Go Model.

Delicious Treats Inc. provides amazing value to a franchisee when compared to other options in the restaurant or fast casual space.

The concept is designed to be compact and efficient, allowing a franchisee to operate a kiosk or food cart with minimal rent and low up-front investment. Here are just a few of the things that set us apart:

By serving consistently great-tasting and health-minded products at a reasonable price point, Delicious Treats Inc. keeps customers coming back. Our authentic Caribbean recipes are customer favorites.

Delicious Treats Inc. has a successful operating prototype with simplified operational practices, steady growth and brand recognition which can be leveraged for future franchises.

Because the business-within-a business kiosk/trailer concept isn’t permanently tied to one location, the Delicious Treats Inc. model offers both low overhead as well as the flexibility to pursue various heavy traffic areas including airports, seaports, universities, hospitals and even temporary events.

A Healthier Fast-Food Option for Time-Crunched Customers.

Over fifteen years ago, delicious treats inc.’s owner Shawna Rollins began preparing specialty sandwiches to deliver to service stations, delis and cafes on the island of Barbados.

Three flying fish sandwiches turned into a full-time food preparation and catering career, eventually landing in a retail kiosk within a busy hospital. After consultation with dietitians and medical staff, Ms. Rollins developed a menu that blends traditional Caribbean favorites with a focus on healthier preparation. The consistent demand for and popularity of Delicious Treats Inc.’s quick and health-conscious dining options led to the realization that the business-within-a-business food service model would present a fantastic franchise opportunity.

Good Food and Good People Are the Heart of Delicious Treats Inc.’s Brand.

Do you love people? Have a commitment to serving quality food with a smile? Delicious Treats Inc. is the perfect franchise opportunity for you! In addition to strong customer service skills, the ideal Delicious Treats Inc. franchisee candidate will possess the following characteristics:

Delicious Treats Inc. is about more than just fast food. Delicious Treats Inc. has built its reputation on serving freshly made, high-quality, healthier dining options for people with limited time, all at a reasonable price point. Our customer-focused ethos makes each transaction a positive, memorable experience.

Food service is a fast-paced environment, so keeping the schedule put together efficiently and managing the timing of staffing and ordering inventory is critical to franchise success.

It is important that a franchisee is able to understand and interpret the various accounting and business reports that are essential in properly managing the franchise.

Given the potential for flexibility in the Delicious Treats Inc. model, franchisees should have a strong feeling of what can be improved and how to take advantage of opportunities.

The Secret to Success is Support.

Taking on a new business venture can be daunting, but the management staff at Delicious Treats Inc. will share our extensive knowledge and over fifteen years of experience in the food service industry to help make each franchise a lucrative business. We offer:

An extensive dual-phase initial training program will help set up our franchise partners with all the knowledge they need, as well as two sessions of two-day refresher training per year.

We are here to help with operational necessities like recipe guides, product ordering, pricing guidelines, and administrative procedures.

Unit-level profitability is our top priority for our franchise partners.

Invest in a Healthier and More Delicious Tomorrow.

Franchise fee: $25,000

Minimum initial investment including franchise fee & training: $80,250

Royalty: 6% of gross sales

Required local advertising expenditure: 3% of gross sales

If You’re Looking for a Fantastic Investment Opportunity in the Fast-Food Industry with Flexible Locations and Caribbean Flair, Check Out a Delicious Treats Inc. Franchise!

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Contact Phone: 978-886-7908
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Title: Franchise Sales
Franchise Fee: $25000
Initial Investment: $80,250 (including franchise fee & training)
Lead Email: [email protected]

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