Eco Steam Wash

Eco Steam Wash

Own A Unique Winning Auto Detailing & Ceramic Coating Business Positioned For Growth

Provide eco-friendly steam detailing and ceramic coating services to consumers and benefit from the financial freedom, growth and success that comes with owning a franchise business. Our brand reflects our passion and mission to delight clients with a top-tier protective detailing service while leaving little or no impact on our environment. Our steam-based detailing equipment and citrus-based cleaning products in combination with our steaming techniques produce superior results on vehicles both inside AND out.

You’ll also provide the application of Advanced Professional Grade Nano-Technology Ceramic Coatings to your customer’s vehicles. As vehicle values continue to skyrocket, consumers are spending more and more on this high margin service to protect their vehicle’s appearance and maximize their market value.

Our clean-running steamers produce constant dry steam ranging from 212-240 degrees Fahrenheit, which uses 90% less water (roughly 2 gallons per vehicle versus 30-100 gallons using traditional methods). The steam cleaning also produces zero runoff which allows us to set up shop and work just about anywhere, including indoors, without the need for drains or large spaces.

We believe in doing our part and now you can too! As water resources continue to be a growing issue and with heightened awareness of this by consumers, it is uber-important to clean and detail vehicles without impact on our fresh-water resources. We understand there’s a need for more professional detailing solutions and we’re seeking qualified candidates for an exciting and well-rounded franchise opportunity.

Ready to take advantage of a booming franchise opportunity that will attract, captivate, and retain customers? GET IN EARLY AND BE A PART OF OUR COMPANYS GROWTH.

An Innovative Eco-Friendly Detailing & Ceramic Coating Franchise

Eco Steam Wash provides state-of-the-art cleaning and detailing services for cars through use of powerful, eco-friendly steam. Our brand is trusted and dedication to an ethical business model is what makes us revolutionary in our space. We are calling on entrepreneurial spirits who want easy operation, unique positioning, and plenty of profit potential.

We have a simple operating system in place that allows each franchise to run with the guidance and resources necessary to be successful.

Efficient and Streamlined
Through our experience, we’ve developed a proven system and process. This allows you to focus on attracting and retaining business.

Steam Detailing, Delivered Right
Our steam wash process is unique, trusted, thorough, and guaranteed to meet our guests’ expectations each time. This means a winning combination for your franchise.

We Know What We’re Doing
We’ve been around since 2008. This means we know the industry in and out, and we know what drives business and success.

Strong Potential ROI
Eco Steam Wash is an affordable step into the cleaning and detailing industry with our streamlined process and consistent delivery of quality.

We Provide the Support Necessary to Succeed

Comprehensive Training
An extensive dual-phase initial training program will help set up our franchise partners with all the knowledge they need to run Eco Steam Wash business.

Operational Support
We will provide ongoing training and support in many areas, including unit operations, maintenance, customer-service techniques, product ordering, pricing guidelines, and administrative procedures.

Marketing Support
Leverage our industry skill and background. We will coordinate development of advertising materials and strategies, consumer marketing plans, and materials.

Ongoing Business Development Support
We will provide our continued research methods and techniques to enhance unit-level profitability.

Are You a Good Fit for Eco Steam Wash?

We’re seeking franchisees who have the following qualities to join our team:

  • strong work ethic, discipline, and integrity
  • customer service skills
  • leadership mentality
  • passion for our environment and natural resources

If you meet these qualifications, you may be a great fit for our brand! We’re looking for people who value professionalism, efficient service, and commitment to a mission that resonates throughout the nation.

Financial Overview

Franchise Fee: $35,000

Estimated Minimum Initial Investment: $115,850 (with franchise fee)

Royalty Fee: 7% of Gross Sales

Are You Ready To Make a Difference In Your Future With An Eco Steam Detailing franchise?

An Eco Steam Detailing franchise is a unique investment and innovative brand ready to be shared throughout the nation. Join an opportunity to make an impact, drive revenue, and experience long term success!

To get started, please fill out the franchise form or visit our website


Contact Phone: 978-886-7908
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Title: Franchise Sales
Franchise Fee: $35000
Initial Investment: $115,850 (with franchise fee)
Lead Email: [email protected]

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