Holey Donuts

Holey Donuts

A Sweet Business Model with Enormous Profit Potential

Do you have leadership and a sweet tooth for success? Holey Donuts is part of the 7 billion dollar donut shops industry, offering our franchisees an entrepreneurial opportunity you can’t pass up!

With our strong market experience and highly profitable approach to business we know that with strong franchise partnerships Holey Donuts will be the go-to dessert location for all Americans. Holey Donuts is a gourmet dessert company serving a variety of mini donuts with a vast selection of flavorful toppings along with soft-serve ice cream and delicious coffee.

Our first location in Delray Beach, Florida found great success with our loyal customers purchasing our sweets to enjoy in the warm sunshine. Based on the Delray Beach location’s overwhelming success, Holey Donuts is now looking to launch franchises throughout Florida and the rest of the Southeastern United States until ours becomes a household name and we spread nationwide.

We started Holey Donuts as a fun hobby, serving them at fairs and events out of a pop-up tent. We participated in events all over South Florida and found that customers across the state adored our donuts. Our dreams were realized when that exciting hobby became a highly successful storefront with a great deal of loyal customers and rapidly increasing revenue.

We want you to bring this completely original and innovative opportunity to your hometown! Start your successful journey in the world of business and delectable sweets by becoming a Holey Donuts franchisee.

Exclusive And Unrivaled Benefits

Your career will become as sweet as can be when you invest in a Holey Donuts franchise. Our founders have combined expertise that will make your experience in business stress-free while providing you with unrivaled benefits. We have exclusive opportunities for early adopters, a pristine reputation for amazing quality, and a simple business structure to make operating your franchise a breeze. All of this and more can be yours when you become a franchisee with Holey Donuts!

Strong Potential ROI
Holey Donuts is an affordable step into the food industry with our streamlined process and consistent delivery of quality. The Holey Donuts model allows franchisees a possible above-average ROI by the end of the second year.

Market Experience
Our founders have strong experience in the real estate business that allows them to find the perfect locations for potential franchisees to reach the most profitable markets for Holey Donuts products. In addition to this, their passion for scrumptious desserts led them to serving their mini donuts across Florida while perfecting their recipes. Their combined experience sets you up for success while relieving you of any stress in opening your own franchise.

Exclusive Opportunities
The food industry has seen an increasing trend of catering and delivery orders. By following these trends we have identified exclusive territories that will be available to our early franchisees. We have partnered with Uber Eats to make delivery easy for managers and customers alike with plans to expand our partnerships with many delivery services in various areas in addition to making catering options available for events in your community.

Unparalleled Reputation
Holey Donuts has a solid reputation with customers for serving quality products by partnering exclusively with the top suppliers in our industry. We require franchisees that seek to add suppliers have these products approved to maintain our supreme product quality. There is no fast food location that can match our delicious desserts.

Simple Operations
Holey Donuts has created a business structure that is easy to operate for franchisees. This simple structure gives every operator the opportunity to generate business in new markets with ease without the burden of extreme responsibilities for management. The Holey Donuts system has a proven track record for success that positions itself for growth across the nation with simplicity.

Franchisee Support

We at Holey Donuts know that teamwork is the best way to make your dreams of entrepreneurial success a reality. That’s why we are committed to providing the best support and training to our franchisees and staff. We focus on providing ongoing communication between founders and franchisees, services for operational and market support, and astounding training opportunities to make your investment low-risk and worthwhile.

Our success is your success when you join the Holey Donuts team!

Hands-On Owners
Our founders want to be involved in making your Holey Donuts experience as easy as possible. With team conference calls, ongoing correspondence, and providing franchisees with the most recent research in food service, the Holey Donuts founders will always be at your side to provide you with the most outstanding support.

Support Teams
Holey Donuts has tasked a support staff with making the professional lives of franchisees easier by coming in person to your store to ensure the quality of products and help improve the efficiency of management and employees alike. In addition, Holey Donuts provides operational support in critical areas such as unit maintenance, customer service techniques, and pricing guidelines along with marketing support to develop strategies for strong advertising campaigns.

Training Opportunities
Included in your franchise fee is ongoing training for yourself and selected employees. There is initial training offered at the Delray Beach headquarters and onsite training at your franchise location. Holey Donuts is committed to ensuring that you and your staff are the best equipped and completely prepared to operate your business.

Additional Perks
The experience of our founders keeps risk out of the equation when it comes to opening your Holey Donuts franchise. They will identify the locations with the highest opportunities for success so you are exposed to the best markets. In addition, they will provide you with top-notch recipes and product suppliers so your desserts are always of the utmost quality.

Franchise Fees

Franchise Fee: $30,000

The initial investment: $115,250 (including the franchise fee)

Royalty Fee: 6% of gross sales

What We’re Looking For

Every business owner needs a specific set of skills to succeed. Holey Donuts has identified the ideal franchisee traits that will increase your chances of profitability when opening your franchise location.

  • passionate for desserts
  • customer service oriented
  • business acumen
  • experienced in administrative tasks

If this sounds like you, then you are the ideal candidate for joining the Holey Donuts team by becoming a franchisee today!

Take Charge of your Future

Get on the ground floor of this exciting and promising opportunity. With our easy-to-operate business structure, ongoing outstanding support, and astounding market experience our success can be yours by opening your own Holey Donuts franchise.

Join our team and enjoy the fantastic benefits of being a Holey Donuts franchisee!


Contact Phone: 978-886-7908
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Title: Franchise Sales
Franchise Fee: $30000
Initial Investment: $115,250 (including the franchise fee)
Lead Email: [email protected]

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