Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Expert Indoor Environmental Assessments

Indoor Air Quality Solutions was founded with a goal to bring healthy air to all of our clients. We begin with a thorough interior and exterior visual inspection and follow the seven principals of Healthy Homes to identify any contributors that may compromise your Indoor Air Quality. In addition to that, we aim to educate our clients and become a resource for them during and after the indoor assessment.

All of our assessments are holistic and include all aspects of the interior, exterior, and HVAC in residential and commercial settings. We provide mold inspection with licensed inspectors, Council Certified Indoor Environmentalists (CIE) and Consultants (CIEC). In addition to our Healthy Office and Healthy Home Assessments, we also offer:

• Lead Testing

• Radon Testing

• Odor Investigation

• Water Damage Inspections

• IAQ Indoor Air Quality Testing

• Building Envelope Inspections

• Cause & Origin Investigations

• Indoor Environmental Diagnostics

• Asbestos Testing

• Bacteria Testing

• Mold Clearance Testing

• Mold Remediation Protocol

• Asthma & Indoor Allergen Testing

• Orlando Mold Inspection and Testing

• Post Remediation Verification Inspection

• Thermal Imaging & Infrared IR Inspection

Fine-Tuned Experience

Our team members are trained to deliver a friendly greeting, answers to any air quality questions, and explain dangers and potential solutions of compromised air quality. We pride ourselves in our conscientious and detailed service while maintaining integrity. Using top quality testing materials, each technician works together with our client throughout a safe and pleasant process to ensure a completion of the task to their satisfaction.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions was born out of a need for a traditional service and has become fine-tuned based on our years of experience in the field. We know that there is a need for an improved, functional, and simple solution to indoor air quality and are looking for people who are passionate about providing great air quality service to join our growing franchise.


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