Joe’s Gourmet

Joe’s Gourmet

Change Your Life on Purpose with Joe’s Gourmet Franchise!

Are you ready to change the direction of your life in a bold way? Join Joe’s Gourmet!

We’re bringing you a once-in-a-lifetime restaurant franchise opportunity featuring our explosively popular Joe’s Gourmet fish and chicken breading mix!

We want quality-driven entrepreneurs to carry the Joe’s Gourmet brand and our restaurant concept throughout the nation. Joe’s Gourmet is crafted for simplicity, built for speed, and designed for high volume production and easy management. Everything done at Joe’s Gourmet is built for you to succeed.

Get Excited for Joe’s Gourmet

Our claim to fame goes beyond our appearances on Shark Tank, Good Morning America, and QVC. This franchise is your answer to business ownership!

Your Site Inside #1 National Retailer: Did someone say site search? Not us! We’ve got hundreds of options for your Joe’s Gourmet site — and the best part is — you’re always in a Walmart. Steady flow of customers. Little to zero advertising needed. And — YES — hand out those free samples to draw ‘em in! Hurry — there are a limited number of sites.

Never Pay Utilities: Say hello to higher profit margins and lower overhead. Since your Joe’s Gourmet is inside a national retailer, you have zero payout for utilities, including electricity, water, gas, and trash. Cha-ching!

Our Flavors: We bring the flavor at Joe’s Gourmet! You’ve GOT to try this. We use a proprietary blend of spices, created by Joe himself. Heat lamps? Not here! Everything is cooked-to-order, fried to mouth-watering perfection, and ready in 10 minutes or less. Never greasy. Always delicious.

Easy-To-Operate: Joe’s Gourmet restaurant was designed with simplicity in mind. Our menu is small with BIG flavor, minimal staff is needed, and we use a user-friendly POS system. All vendor relationships and ordering processes are given to you!

Brand Recognition: As seen on Shark Tank, the Joe’s Gourmet brand is famous. Our Joe’s Gourmet products have been featured on multiple tv shows, both national and local. Plus, we’re a featured Walmart supplier!

Do You Have the Passion?

We are seeking franchisees to partner with us who have the following qualities:

  • Driven. Motivated. Passionate.
  • Strong Leader
  • Incredible Customer Service Skills
  • Schedule Management Abilities
  • Meets Financial Requirements
  • Basic Business Knowledge
  • Understands the Joe’s Gourmet Brand

We’ve Got Your Back!

Comprehensive Training

A detailed, dual-phase training program sets up our franchise partners with all the knowledge they need!

Operational Support

Our franchisee-friendly reporting and POS software keep communication clear and the business simple to operate!

Marketing Support

Benefit from our stardom and our superior brand reputation! We will also coordinate development of advertising materials and strategies, consumer marketing plans and materials.

Ongoing Research and Development

We’ll continue to research new techniques and methods to enhance unit-level profitability.

Work with a Winner

As one of our first franchisees, you will work alongside Joe himself for support, training, and guidance. Our founder has built Joe’s Gourmet from the ground up, seeing fast returns and quick growth.

Take a Look at Our Numbers

Franchise Fee: $35,000

Royalty Fee: 6% of Gross Sales

Estimated Minimum Initial Investment: $203,017 (including franchise fee)

Joe’s Gourmet is Your Future

You will NEVER have an opportunity like this again.

Let’s make money together!

For more information, visit our website:


Contact Phone: 800-610-0262
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Title: Franchise Sales

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