Mobile Bike Medic

Mobile Bike Medic


Entrepreneurs, Dennis Phibin, Ruth Chamberlin, and Steven Oliveeri, founded MObile Bike Medic to keep more people riding their bikes more often. Lots of people buy bikes and stop riding them with the first flat or mechanical failure. Why? Because it’s a hassle to get a shop to repair your bike. And when they fo, it usually takes a week or two. And the shop really wants to just sell you another bike.

We meant to fix that. We did so by bringing the bike repair shop to where the customers lived. We made it simple and painless for the customer. And we fix and return 99% of the bikes the same day.

The key to a successful business is capturing demand. We have figured that out. Together, we built methods and systems for getting groups of customers to come up with pop-up locations in communities in South Florida. After signing up and servicing 40 communities with an average of 750 households, we realized the demand for the service was is in many, many communities. More than we could possibly reach ourselves.

We also discovered that happy customers return to get their bikes maintained. And they tell their neighbors.

To meet the statewide and national opportunity, we developed a streamlined franchise offering to expand throughout the nation. Would you like to operate a business with a highly experienced management team, low investment costs, and scalable upside? Do you want satisfied return customers? If so, this is the opportunity for you!


Customers now expect the ease, efficiency, customer care, and timelessness of an Amazon. We have bought that for bike repair. As a franchise partner, you will be working with a highly experienced management team. Here is why you should franchise with us:

We have a strong operating corporate location with a successful financial standpoint.

• Our systems, procedures, and operating systems have continuously improved the operating model.

• Mobile Bike Medic has a potential strong ROI and a financially sound concept in existing locations.

• Our model has the ability to be adopted nationwide.

• There are over 370,000 homeowner associations in the United States. Collectively, this represents over 40 million households (over 53% of the owner occupied households in America).


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