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Invest in your future financial success with Mr. Shrimp.

What started as a love of Louisiana Cajun cuisine has since blossomed into the successful business we know today. Since 1990, Mr. Shrimp has been proudly serving South Florida its legendary Cajun seafood. Our fast-casual concept incorporates Louisiana’s Cajun cuisine with a Florida twist—utilizing quality and unprocessed ingredients.

The Mr. Shrimp business has been built on treating everyone that comes in like a regular. Our goal is to provide amazing food, at great prices, with impeccable service that wouldn’t be expected at a fast-casual restaurant!


As seafood dishes are growing in popularity, there is a widespread adoption of shrimps seen in restaurants across the board! According to Newswires, the global shrimp market alone reached a value of over $62 billion in 2021. The market is expected to expand at a continual annual growth rate of 4.8 percent, bringing the global market to $84 billion by 2027.

In the United States, the shrimp market reached a volume of 893,100 Tons in 2021. Talk about demand! According to studies from IMARC Group, the market is estimated to reach a whopping 1,084,000 Tons by 2027!


As a franchisor, our training and support systems are just as important as our unique franchise offering. We invest in our franchisees to ensure both initial success and long-term achievement. With Mr. Shrimp, you will never be alone!

The idea of a fast-casual Cajun seafood restaurant is fairly new, and we are proud to be one of the only franchises of our kind in the United States, to date! Our direct competition is minimal, leaving plenty of untapped potential in the Cajun seafood industry. Mr. Shrimp’s flavors and quality aren’t comparable in the fast-casual restaurant space! We pride ourselves in being a scratch kitchen—meaning, all our recipes, dishes and products are produced from raw ingredients.

Mr. Shrimp is a family owned and operated business. Deviating from big business corporate structures, our owners—Hick and Jamila Abraham— are directly involved in each of our restaurant locations. They will be involved from step one of opening a location, to the continued support of our franchisees after opening. Coming from a franchisee background, both owners know how to best prepare a new franchisee for their future success!

Mr. Shrimp requires reasonable overhead and start-up costs for a fast-casual restaurant concept, and offers high potential revenue and ROI for a franchisee. We utilize a turnkey business model, allowing any motivated individual to become a business owner, regardless of experience! Our dual week training program will establish a secure knowledge base for you to build your business on. The Mr. Shrimp model is also in the fast-casual space, offering simpler procedures in operations and maintenance compared to full-service restaurants!

With our high-quality food items and hands-on management, Mr. Shrimp customers can’t get enough! Our memorable experiences and services not only encourage repeat business, but also inspire word-of-mouth referrals. Families of all ages are welcomed and treated like family—whether it’s their first time visiting or their hundredth!


Our team will review and advise you regarding potential locations that you submit to us, including any in Multi-Unit Development Agreements. From here, we will provide you with a set of our standard building plans and specifications for floor plan and décor.

We will start our dual training program, covering both Classroom training and On- The-Job training. The topics will go over food preparation, working the line, operating the front of the house and training management.

After the successful launch of your business, corporate is sure to assist in developing new offerings, pricing, hiring employees, improving the business and so much more. As a franchisee of Mr. Shrimp, you will never be alone!


Mr. Shrimp is currently looking for owner-operators with a base-level understanding of running a business or restaurant. We want them to feel a deep connection to our family-oriented brand, truly believing in the food and experience that we have to offer. Our goal is not to acquire the largest number of franchisees, but rather to invest in the right franchisees and help them become successful business owners.


Franchise Fee: The initial franchise fee is $40,000 in liquid capital.

Investment Range: The investment ranges from about $320,000 to $516,000, including the franchise fee.

Royalty & Marketing: The royalty is 6% and marketing is 1% of gross weekly sales.


Invest in your future financial success and join our team! Our proven market and scratch kitchen recipes are ripe with opportunities for both rapid growth and long-term achievement. The Mr. Shrimp team will ensure that you have the tools and support you need to operate a successful business with us.

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Contact Phone: 978-886-7908
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Title: Franchise Sales
Franchise Fee: $40000
Initial Investment: $320,000 to $515,000 (including the initial franchise fee)
Lead Email: [email protected]

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