OUR MISSION is to deliver a learning experience that exceeds expectations and we believe in practical training approach only. We forever support our students in their aspirations to never stop learning, and never stop growing. Our mission is to cater to the increasing demand of IT learning to keep abreast with the latest technologies and skills. 

OUR VISION is to serve our students as helping hands to create new horizons for changing people’s careers.


PeopleNTech is a global IT and engineering solutions provider and recruiter catering to a diverse customer base. We ensure to empower our clients with innovative solutions that add measurable value to business, while adhering to global quality standards. We offer an optimal blend of business processes in varied domains to enable our customers to meet their corporate goals. Our combination of deep industry knowledge and expertise in building capabilities on short notice makes us a strategic partner for our customers. 

Partnering with PeopleNTech gives our customers access to some of the finest talent in the industry. Our highly qualified team of professionals leverages their skills and experiences in order to design and integrate exceptionally successful products and strategies. These strategies are built with the aim to empower our customers with the right tools and processes needed to achieve operating and financial goals. 

Our seasoned professionals come experienced in a broad spectrum of technologies that range from cutting-edge technologies to legacy systems, enabling us to successfully service a wide variety of customers. Our primary goal is to facilitate the success of our customers by ensuring the delivery of highly advanced solutions that reduce project risks, enhance capabilities and create value, while managing within tight budgets and timelines.

The process has been developed and refined through over fifteen years in business. In the current economy, demand for staffing and recruiting service companies that are capable and credible has also grown. Clients have come to expect professionalism and most of that is tied to a brand’s reputation. The PeopleNTech concept has a process to facilitate the systems that most efficiently deliver these services to clients and businesses. 

With the recruiting and training side of the business model essentially perfected, there is a growing market that requires the capability and bandwidth of new partners that can offer the same suite of services to businesses in different regions of the country. The growth of this market overall demands that PeopleNTech is able to expand and open new locations that can deliver the same quality services and value as the flagship location in Vienna, Virginia. 

PeopleNTech is governed by its core values. As seen on, the core values of PeopleNTech include: 








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