Amsterdam Inn

Amsterdam Inn

Amsterdam Inn is an innovative and unique business in the Hospitality segment. It combines the power of real estate investing with streamlined construction practices and modern technology to create a solution for investors, guests, and communities. Amsterdam Inn has the team in place to help select real estate and build-to-suit a hotel in a cost-effective manner.

The Amsterdam Inn Management Team has developed sales processes, documentation, and the systems needed to effectively present the value proposition to real estate investors, small hotel owners, and developers through outbound sales techniques and networking. They are looking for qualified candidates across Canada to join forces with them in their expansion efforts through franchising.

  • Franchise Fee: $50K
  • Royalties: 5% of Gross Sales
  • Local Advertising Expenditure: 2.6% of Gross Sales.
  • Corporate Marketing Fund: 0.5% of Gross Sales.
  • Low High – $2.0 MM to $6.6 MM



Business Name: New Business
Business Type: Mechanical
Contact Phone: 9876543210
Initial Investment: $2.0 MM to $6.6 MM
Liquid Capital Available: $20,000
States: Florida

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