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People everywhere love high-end, delicious food but hate the overly expensive cost. Bagel Bar created a business concept that solves this problem and meets the demand for delectable goods.

Bagels are increasing in popularity as customers are shifting towards healthier products. Bagels contain protein, dietary fibers, calcium, and other minerals that make them a healthy and delicious choice. We are leading the revolution of healthier eating by providing customers with the perfect option for anyone looking for a good meal with choices. We make our dough from scratch, boil and bake our bagels every day in a traditional way. But our bagels have an unbeatable competitive edge with modern flavors and giving customers the ability to put their own spin on a classic bagel. There isn’t a single competitor that can rival our unique and delicious bagels and sandwiches making us a fantastic investment for any budding entrepreneur seeking an impressive potential for ROI.

We at Bagel Bar don’t just serve your average bagel, we have a great variety of sweet and savory options. Our menu includes a Bacon Grilled Cheese, a Classic Breakfast sandwich with your choice of bacon, ham, or sausage, a Blueberry Situation coated with fruits and a sweet drizzle, an Eggs Benny bagel, and so many more deliciously unique options including the option to build your own bagel! Just when customers think our store can’t get any better we give them even more with our seasonal specials, specialty coffee, lattes, and fresh squeezed juices.

We have enjoyed the fruits of our labor and are now ready to add more passionate entrepreneurs to the Bagel Bar team. Your business can become your neighborhood’s hotspot with a constant flow of regular customers.

Now is the time to take advantage of this exclusive opportunity ?


Bagel Bar is a unique business that focuses on what’s important when operating a franchise: the quality of their product and the quality of their service.

With our revolutionary concept and exciting atmosphere, your franchise will always be attracting customers. In addition, operating your business can be done with ease using our simple business structure and exclusive locations.

Simple Operating Structure: Our operating model has been structured with well-defined systems in place to allow for simple replication and straightforward training programs for new franchisees. The business model is relatively simple from an operational standpoint but delivers an extremely diverse and top-quality experience with outstanding results in profit for the franchisee.

Unique Concept: We pride ourselves in offering top-quality food with the best ingredients. Our rainbow bagels are colorful and delicious and they can be served with cream cheese, unique toppings, and creative drizzles. In addition to serving individual customers, we offer holiday bagels, special orders of themed boards, and large quantities of our products to cater events.

Fun Atmosphere: Bagel Bar keeps customers coming back not only with our delicious food but with our exclusive and exciting environment. We make every one of our stores a fun place to celebrate the every day for any or no reason. Customers will keep coming back to your franchise for a little piece of comfort close to home.

Exclusive Locations: Every Bagel Bar store will have a fixed retail location in average-rent areas to provide a neighborhood feel and plenty of traffic to create a great potential to create more loyal customers. Anyone who comes through your doors will not only love the affordable high-end food service but the close proximity to their home.


Anyone can open their own business, but you need specific traits to make your business a success.

Bagel Bar has identified the most important traits in their franchisees as:

  • sales and customer service oriented
  • good organizational skills
  • high personal standards
  • experience in the food service industry is considered an asset

If this sounds like you, then you have what it takes to become an astounding success as a Bagel Bar franchisee.


Exceptional Training Bagel Bar is providing its franchisees with a two-phase training program that will give them all of the skills necessary to run their business.

Operational Support Our franchisor will be offering assistance in many areas that are essential to operating a successful business. These operational supports include guidance in unit maintenance, and customer-service techniques.

Marketing Support Bagel Bar management will provide assistance in the development of advertising materials and strategies, supply franchisees with consumer marketing plans, and provide guidance with any advertising materials franchisees choose to develop.

Additional Support Our support extends to every essential area in operating a successful business. Other services we offer include but are not limited to negotiating quantity discounts on behalf of all franchisees, providing financial and legal oversight, and researching up-to-date techniques for operations.


Franchise Fee: $30,000

Estimated Minimum Initial Investment: $136,550 (with franchise fee)

Royalty Fee: 4% of your Gross Sales


Everything about Bagel Bar,

from the bagels to the service is a completely unique experience that customers won’t find anywhere else. As a franchisee you will find endless benefits including serving a product that sells itself, an easily taught operating model, exclusive locations to increase consumer traffic, the best training in the industry, and ongoing support from our experienced team. We are a low-risk investment for any potential entrepreneur looking to start their journey in business.

Don’t wait for your success, take charge of it by becoming a Bagel Bar franchisee today!

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Contact Phone: 978-886-7908
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Title: Franchise Sales
Franchise Fee: $30000
Initial Investment: $136,550
Support Training: yes

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