Booking Barn

Booking Barn

The Booking Barn is a powerful geo-targeted online directory and planning tool for all event-oriented industries. Simple and streamlined in its approach, it is designed to be used by both the professional event planner as well as the layperson alike. As a result, it is intended to be a premier lead generator for its vendors. To this end, the founder of The Booking Barn, James Kowalewski, decided to pursue a franchise program to reach more customers and ultimately, help each client reach more customers.
The business model does benefit a potential candidate with a background in business development however it is not restricted to that demographic and seeks out individuals with all kinds of sales, and business ownership backgrounds, as well as individuals who are passionate about helping other business owners and entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

The best Licensee operators/Franchisees will be great salespeople who will operate with complete integrity in the business and in front of the customer.
The top qualities we will look for in a potential candidate for a Licensed platform is being self-driven and their comfort level in sales and marketing the directory services while building relationships with clients and key influencers. The Directory Platform Licensees must also exhibit a willingness and commitment to service and working for their clients.

The benefits Of Being A Booking Barn Franchisee:

1.Set your own hours
2. Work from anywhere in the world as long as they have internet and phone access
3. Being a web-based business, you are never closed and eligible to convert sales even when you sleep
4. Your territory is ready to launch on day 1 of your license acquisition (no build-up phase)
5. Live the ‘laptop’ lifestyle
6. Continual development of the Directory Platform for additional future revenue streams
7. The ability to transfer/sell your territory (Build your region then sell it at a greater value)
8. Possible to recover licensing and start-up cost and be profitable in year 1
9. No inventory to maintain, store and tie up cash
10. The ability to expand your territory or acquire additional territories outside of your place of residence.


Contact Phone: 800-610-0262
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Title: Franchise Sales

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