Chef Pam’s Kitchen

Chef Pam’s Kitchen

Own the Recipe for Culinary Marketplace Success!

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Chef Pam’s Kitchen is a best-in-class culinary experience that goes beyond traditional dining.

The franchise model revolves around creating a vibrant community hub, where culinary enthusiasts can gather, learn, and savor the finest local flavors. From chef-assisted classes, winter indoor farmers markets, birthday parties, corporate team building, and private events, every aspect of your franchise will contribute to its growth.

By hosting an incubator kitchen for local artisans and dedicating a marketplace within your space, you’ll not only offer exceptional products but also showcase a curated selection of goods from talented vendors. This unique approach provides you with multiple revenue streams to fuel your success.

Our Founders

Chef Pam Dennis

I have had a love of cooking since I was a child, helping my mother in the kitchen. She was a beautiful cook and always shared her love for it with our family.

My father is from Albania and, growing up, my mom also taught me how to cook the many Greek and Albanian dishes we all loved to eat. I am a retired Navy nurse and during my time in the Navy, I had the opportunity to live in southern Italy and Germany learning their European cuisines. I loved to help my “Italian” Mom, Anna, who also shared her love of the southern Italian cooking with me for the two years I lived across the hall from her family in Pozzuoli, Italy, outside of Naples.

After retiring from the Navy, I used my GI bill to attend culinary school and spent six weeks in the south of Spain for a culinary internship. European influences have become an important part of my culinary endeavors.

My love for sharing my cooking with others is what led me to teaching the joy of sharing a meal with friends and family.

Brian Dennis

Brian leads the business side of Chef Pam’s Kitchen. He is a former Fortune 150 executive, keynote speaker, and author. His latest book ‘If the Customer’s the Co-pilot, you’re in the Wrong Seat’ was recognized as one of the top 30 CX books in the world.

He is widely recognized as a customer service innovator and trend forecaster and has woven his passion of delivering a best-in-class customer experience into the DNA of Chef Pam’s Kitchen. His business acumen has been instrumental in creating numerous revenue streams within the space that now operate around the clock. Brian was inducted into the Customer Servcie Hall of Fame in 2023.

Chef Pam’s Kitchen prides itself on having a fun environment where all are welcome – whether a novice cook or a seasoned home chef, it’s a place where new or existing friends, family or co-workers can bond, and create an awesome meal while having a great time.

Take the first step towards a thriving business with Chef Pam’s Kitchen.

A Unique Concept We’re VERY Proud Of!

Imagine a culinary world where learning is not just educational but incredibly fun! That’s exactly what Chef Pam’s Kitchen brings to the table.

We’re not your average cooking school – we’re a hub of culinary excitement and immersive experiences that will leave you hungry for more. As a franchisee, you have a unique opportunity to join a business that’s revolutionizing the way people learn and engage with food.

At Chef Pam’s Kitchen, we offer hands-on experience, with interactive cooking classes that captivate all ages and skill levels, ensuring our customers have a blast in the process. But that is just the beginning – our innovative business model includes hosting local chef pop-up events, a winter farmers market that supports local farmers, and supper club meetups where food enthusiasts can connect and savor incredible culinary creations. To that end, we provide a range of services, from private events and team-building sessions to kids’ parties and commercial kitchen rentals.

Join us on this once-in-a-lifetime journey as we redefine the culinary experience. Together, we can make Chef Pam’s Kitchen the go-to destination for food lovers, where learning is thrilling, flavors are extraordinary, and the potential for growth is limitless.


We are seeking franchise partners that meet the following criteria:

  • An infinity and passion toward cooking great food and entertaining
  • Excellent people skills
  • Good with time management
  • Leadership mentality
  • Business acumen

Ongoing Support You Can Count On

Our dual-phase initial training program is designed to set up our franchise partners for success. From teaching you the ins and outs of our business model to providing hands-on experience, we ensure you have the knowledge and skills to run a successful Chef Pam’s Kitchen franchise.

Chef Pam’s Kitchen franchise provides comprehensive training and ongoing support in essential areas crucial to your business’s success. This includes guidance on unit operations, maintenance,  customer service techniques, product ordering, suggested pricing guidelines, and administrative procedures.

As a franchisee, you’ll benefit from Chef Pam’s Kitchen’s expertise in coordinating the development and design of advertising materials and strategies. The franchisee will receive consumer marketing plans and materials to support local or regional marketing efforts.

We are with you every step of the way. From our initial meeting, through your grand opening and beyond. Either Chef Pam, Brian or one of our amazing team members will be there on-site to support your big day. You got this and we are there to support you!

Chef Pam’s Kitchen management and leadership will continue to research methods and techniques for franchise operations (including purchasing and promotional schemes) that enhance unit-level profitability.

Franchise Investment

FRANCHISE FEE: $40,000 ($1,000 additional discount for Veterans & Active Military)

ESTIMATED MINIMUM INITIAL INVESTMENT: $288,725 – $703,600 with franchise fee

MULTI-UNIT DEVELOPMENT: $36,000 after the first franchise ($1,000 additional discount for Veterans & Active Military)

ROYALTY FEE: 6% of Gross Sales

MARKETING FUND: 1% of Gross Sales

Join a Ground Floor Opportunity with Little Competition Now!

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Contact Phone: 978-886-7908
Contact Email: [email protected]
Franchise Fee: $40000
Initial Investment: $288,725 - $703,600
Lead Email: [email protected]
Support Training: Yes

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