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Experience Culinary Innovation and Unparalleled Profitability

Are you ready to sink your teeth into delicious dollar signs and a mouthwatering business model? If you’re dreaming of owning a restaurant that’s not only a business but an unforgettable experience, then hold onto your taste buds! Our churro-centric focus means you’re entering a market with minimal direct competition. We’re all about innovating, reimagining, and dazzling twists on the churro to give franchisees a steady stream of excitement and income!

We’re all about crafting memories, one sugary swirl at a time. Our secret recipe for success is an impeccable system that marries speed and freshness in every bite. Our menu is a love letter to the cravings of every dessert devotee. Running the show is a streamlined operations and cutting-edge point of sale system. With a proven model, seamless operations, and an insatiable demand, Chiki Churros is your ticket to a deliciously successful future!

Our unique concept thrives wherever good food and great service are craved. With a reasonable investment range and the promise of substantial returns, we’re a trend-setting force taking the country by storm. The U.S. dessert industry is worth a whopping $16.8 billion and 53% of consumers indulge in desserts daily. With a North American market that just keeps growing, our unique churro wonders are poised to satisfy every sweet tooth in the country!

At Chiki Churros we’re all about celebrating the sweeter side of life. Join us in living the dessert dream, and together, we can make the world a happier place!

Indulge in the Chance to Satisfy Customer Cravings and Create a Booming Business

Are you ready to turn your passion for flavor into a thriving franchise? With our proven model, strong potential ROI, and unique concept, Chiki Churros offers the opportunity to craft sweet success while delivering exceptional customer experiences. Your dreams and our churros — now that’s a recipe for a delectably rewarding investment!

Proven Model, Popular Brand: Our two thriving locations are living legacies showcasing the undeniable success that awaits future franchise owners. When you invest in Chiki Churros, you’re stepping into a world of proven potential and profitability.

Profitability Baked In: Chiki Churros is a recipe for rapid returns on investment. With sensible overhead costs and a startup investment that won’t break the bank, our concept is a sound financial choice tailor-made for most markets.

Easy Operations, Effortless Excellence: Chiki Churros keeps operations as smooth as our dipping sauces. Our low employee count and streamlined workload make it an ideal choice for owners who want to keep things simple without compromising quality.

Recipe for Sweet Success: The demand for unique, high-quality, grab-and-go treats is skyrocketing, and Chiki Churros is at the forefront of the industry as an experience that customers crave with glowing reviews and press coverage.

Elevated Experiences: What sets Chiki Churros apart is our commitment to crafting an experience that’s as extraordinary as our treats. Our uniqueness lies in the symphony of flavor and flair that our proprietary recipes bring to every bite.

Join the Chiki Churros Team!

We’re on the lookout for individuals who share our unwavering love for Chiki Churros and are driven by a genuine joy to serve. If you’re dedicated, passionate, and believe in our vision, we want YOU on the team!

Potential candidates should possess the following qualities:

  • Strong customer service skills
  • General business acumen
  • Solid management abilities

Serving Up Some Sweet Support

With Chiki Churros, your journey is our journey. Whether it’s refining operations, optimizing strategies, or simply offering a helping hand, we’re dedicated to ensuring your franchise journey is filled with triumphs and growth. You’ll receive comprehensive training from our experienced head office, so you’re equipped with all the skills needed to hit the ground running.

Operational Guidance: From the moment you embark on your franchise journey, we’re by your side, offering ongoing training and guidance in customer service techniques, product ordering, pricing strategies, and administrative procedures.

Marketing Support: We’re your creative partners, coordinating the development of eye-catching advertising materials that resonate with your local audience. Together, we’ll turn heads, spark curiosity, and drive foot traffic!

Purchasing Power: Through our purchasing support, we’ll leverage our network to negotiate quantity discounts on your behalf. This means you can access cost savings that directly impact your bottom line, all while maximizing profits.

Site Selection: Your success starts with a strong foundation, and we’re here to build it with you. We’ll provide you with a lease worksheet, intricate demographic insights, and pay visits to potential locations to ensure they meet our standards.

Continuous Development: In a world that’s constantly evolving, we’re committed to staying at the forefront of franchise excellence. Our management team will tirelessly research cutting-edge methods that enhance your profitability.

Investment Snapshot

Franchise Fee: $30,000

Minimum Initial Investment: $350,000

Royalty Fee: 6% of Gross Sales

Local Advertising: 1% – 3% of Gross Sales

Corporate Marketing Fund: 2% of Gross Sales

Dip Into Delicious Profits Now!

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Contact Phone: 978-886-7908
Contact Email: [email protected]
Franchise Fee: $30000
Initial Investment: $350,000
Lead Email: [email protected]
Support Training: Yes

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