Christmas Towne

Christmas Towne


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Did you know that Americans are expected to spend around $960 billion during the upcoming Christmas season? Christmas Towne harnesses this profit potential with a powerful business model built with easy setup, smooth daily operations, key vendor discounts, and massive profitability. No expensive build out is necessary and, the best part is, you are creating a significant amount of revenue in just 3 months of operation. Take advantage of the most active season in retail with our proven business model and simplified procedures!

Since our inception, Christmas Towne has built a spotless reputation as one of the best places to find unique Christmas items. Our curated selection of customizable ornaments sets us apart from the competition and creates repeat buyers. Beyond our massive selection of ornaments, Christmas Towne offers all holiday related gifts and accessories including home decor, stockings, picture frames, table toppers. And the largest selection of personalized Christmas ornaments and gifts.

Invest in a business without a year-round commitment. Invest in an operation that has proven success. Choose Christmas Towne as your business.


Are you dreaming of a future with better revenue, stronger sales, and feel-good retail? Christmas Towne makes business ownership easier than ever while shining as a bright, festive light in your community.

QUICK LAUNCH: Our team will teach you how to find a suitable site, order your inventory, and set up your shop fast. Thanks to our effective marketing techniques and natural community buzz, you can launch fast and start selling.

IDEAL LIFE BALANCE: Enjoy flexibility with your time and commitments! Thanks to the seasonality of our concept, you can still invest time in other areas of interest throughout the rest of the year.

PERFECTED PROCESSES: Our team has created an easily replicable system, perfect for any driven entrepreneur to dive in and make money.

ATTRACTIVE CONCEPT: Reach thousands of customers through a unique, customizable line-up of inventory and create demand through seasonal hours.

KEY VENDORS: Through a proven, reliable supply chain of high quality items, we take the guesswork out of your stock. Plus, our franchisees benefit from negotiated network-wide discounts through our vendors.

OWN A Christmas Towne

Enjoy bringing Christmas joy to your community while reaping the financial benefits of our proven model. Our franchise partners must uphold the same standards of professionalism, integrity and excellence that have made our brand what it is today. Here are some important qualifications we seek:

  • Good with organization
  • Great with customer communication
  • Fantastic sales and marketing skills
  • Proficient at schedule management
  • Love of Christmas


Our team is eager to help you succeed. Christmas Towne has several key support mechanisms in place to ensure you are well on your way to a strong location ready to make sales. Here are some ways we support you:

COME TO CHRISTMAS TOWNE: Join us at a Christmas Towne location for hands-on training followed by on-site training at your store. We will explore everything from administration to operations and marketing to customer service.

OPERATIONAL SUPPORT: Ensure business runs smoothly with our ongoing operational support. For your first season in business, we will make frequent visits to your location to ensure you are comfortable in operations and all of your questions are answered.

MARKETING GUIDANCE: Branding guidelines, proven marketing strategies, signage, network-wide advertising, social media plans — it’s all included with your Christmas Towne franchise plus ongoing marketing guidance.

MORE SAVINGS: Overhead with Christmas Towne is already incredibly low, however, our team will also negotiate quantity discounts for supplies to help you save even more.

A PEEK AT the Numbers

Franchise Fee: $25,000

Estimated Minimum Initial Investment: $80,000- $185,000 (includes franchise fee)

Royalty Fee: 5% of Gross Sales

To get started, please fill out the franchise form.


Contact Phone: 978-886-7908
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Title: Franchise Sales
Franchise Fee: $25000
Initial Investment: $80,000 - $185,000

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