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Join a Distinctive and Modern HR Consulting Franchise Wit h You in Mind

Are you Ready to Take Control of Your Work-Life Balance? Time Freedom is Within Reach

Are you looking for a rewarding investment opportunity that combines your passion for HR with the potential for work-life balance? Do you desire to make a difference in the marketplace and an immediate impact to workplaces using your HR skills and expertise? Setting out on your own to launch an HR consulting business is a big step that needs careful consideration and planning. You don’t have to do it from scratch. Consider HR STRONG Franchising, to help you launch your own HR Consulting Business.

Our business model is designed to make a lasting impact throughout the marketplace through business ownership and partnership with HR STRONG. HR STRONG is here to empower HR practitioners and help them transition into successful entrepreneurs and business owners.

We provide comprehensive support in sales and marketing, operations, compliance, and ongoing training. With access to a vast ecosystem of best practices and entrepreneurial networking, starting and running your HR STRONG franchise is a well-supported and rewarding experience.

Our franchisees will find that “This Is Not Hard”, as all the necessary tools and resources will be readily available at their fingertips, with coaching and mentorship just a Zoom call away.

Take the first step toward an exciting future by partnering with HR STRONG. Together, we’ll make an impact, deliver exceptional HR services, and build strong, lasting relationships all while achieving work-life balance.

Small Businesses Need Your HR Expertise A Budding Business Opportunity

Small businesses face the same human resources challenges and legal obligations as larger employers, yet often lack the necessary resources to effectively handle these issues.

With small to medium sized businesses continuously growing in the USA, business owners recognize the value good employment practices have on alleviating turnover, burnout, and quiet quitting.

HR STRONG fills this marketplace need offering outsourced Human Resources through a variety of services saving businesses time and money.

Did you know that the market for human resources consulting services is booming, with a projected valuation of over US$82 billion by 2032? This is your chance to be at the forefront of this thriving industry and create a business that is both financially rewarding and personally fulfilling.

Choosing HR Strong as Your Franchise Partner

Joining the HR STRONG family means joining an established brand. We believe in the power of HR to transform businesses, empower employees, and drive sustainable growth. By becoming an HR STRONG franchisee, you’ll be part of a brand that’s making a real difference in the marketplace through Human Resources.

1. Home-Based Business Opportunity: As a franchisee, you have the flexibility to operate your HR consulting business from the comfort of your own home or a small office. This eliminates the need for expensive commercial space and reduces overhead costs, resulting in higher profit margins.

You also have the freedom to set your own schedule, allowing you to prioritize what matters most in your life. As an HR STRONG franchisee, you have the flexibility to create a work-life balance that suits your needs and aspirations. Achieve a better work-life balance and manage your business on your own terms.

2. Business Is Conducted as if People and Place Matter: At HR STRONG, we firmly believe that people and relationships matter. We prioritize building strong, lasting connections with our clients, understanding their unique needs, and delivering personalized HR solutions.

Our franchise model emphasizes a peoplecentric approach to HR consulting. Part of our mission is to eliminate the Mean HR Ladies, and replace them with caring, authentic, smart, problem-solving HR STRONG Franchisees.

3. Option to Join a Medical Cost Sharing Community: Leaving a job with benefits could potentially be a deal breaker for some. As a franchise family, we want everyone healthy and strong. We offer franchisees an opportunity to join a medical cost sharing community which helps locate affordable health benefits for you and your employees. The medical cost sharing community encourages healthy choices to keep the need of medical care as low as possible.

4. Tools for Continuous Improvement (Business and Personal): We offer an array of tools and resources that support both your business and personal development. Our franchisees benefit from ongoing training programs, coaching, and mentorship to enhance their HR consulting skills and business acumen. We provide you with the knowledge and strategies needed to stay ahead in the industry, adapt to changing trends, and continuously improve your own performance and that of your franchise.

We also believe in Tribe. Often, HR professionals do not have a safe place to talk, learn and grow. Consider our Tribe a safe haven for your personal and development needs.

“Business owners focus on their strengths with outsourced HR.”

Qualities We Are Looking For

At HR STRONG, we are seeking enthusiastic and motivated individuals who are eager to take ownership of their own thriving businesses.

We are specifically looking for franchisee candidates who possess the following qualities:

  • Strong work ethic and dedication to providing first-class customer service
  • Professional HR Certification with several years of HR experience advising at senior levels in private, public, and nonprofit roles
  • Kind, engaging, down to earth personality with a hands-on business approach to HR (We are not looking for “the mean HR Ladies”)
  • Full-time dedication to clients. No outside W2 or professional roles.

Client Services

Small businesses face unique HR challenges that can significantly impact their success. By harnessing the power of HR expertise, you can help small to medium sized businesses navigate complex people-related issues and unlock their full potential.

Here are the services that HR STRONG provides:

  • Fractional HR
  • Human Resources Consultation
  • HR Project Management Services
  • HR Gap Coverage

What Does the HR STRONG Franchisee Support Look Like?

Roadmap: This reliable Roadmap takes away the guesswork of running a business. It provides clear, step-by-step guidance for every aspect of running your business and achieving your earnings potential, removing all the guesswork, and allowing you to focus all your time and energy on earning money for your business.

Training Program: Gain access to our comprehensive training program designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the HR STRONG business model. We provide in-depth training on selling, marketing, client acquisition, systems, and best practices.

Operations Support: Receive detailed operations support for running your HR STRONG franchise. This includes step-by-step procedures, guidelines, and operational insights to ensure consistent and efficient operations.

Field Support: During the critical phase of opening your franchise, our experienced representatives will be on-site to provide hands-on guidance and support. They will assist with setting up your operations, addressing any challenges, and ensuring a smooth launch.

What Else is Included?

  • Business structure
  • Sales & marketing strategies
  • Marketing collateral
  • Pricing guidance
  • Ecosystem of documents & templates
  • A professional answering service
  • Access to our CRM system to help you track your leads, maximize sales and manage your contacts
  • Terms of business, engagement letters, invoices and proposals
  • Defined territory with supporting demographic and prospect information
  • A professionally hosted website with your own page fully optimized for SEO
  • Email newsletters designed and written for you, case studies and other regular mailshots
  • A constant stream of articles, tweets, infographics, downloads and resources which you can use for marketing
  • Business cards, an exhibition banner and access to brochures and other marketing materials


Franchise fee: $30,000

Royalty fee: 10% of Gross Sales.

Become a part of our Tribe, a safe haven for your personal and professional development needs.

To get started, please fill out the franchise form.


Contact Phone: 978-886-7908
Contact Email: [email protected]
Franchise Fee: $30000
Lead Email: [email protected]
Support Training: Yes

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