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Are you searching for a simple-to-operate business concept within an industry bursting with fun, profit, and possibility? Kid Chemist is your chance to invest in a relevant children’s enrichment concept applicable throughout markets across the US and beyond! Our franchise partners gain our secret formula to this impactful, powerful business model including operational procedures, eye-catching branding, fulfilling lifestyle, multifaceted STEM offerings, important vendor relationships, and more. Choose to operate Kid Chemist from a brick-and-mortar lab or operate your business from home within our mobile model.

Kid Chemist focuses on empowering kids in science through vital skills. We strive to have EVERY child grow their interest, knowledge, and confidence in the world of science. We value each child and assure every student is creating experiments while wearing their very own lab coat, gloves, and safety glasses in our laboratory. The best part? Kid Chemist not only outlines fun, effective experiments for you to use, but we allow you to exercise your creativity and create your very own STEM experiences for your student base! As a standout enrichment franchise, we’ve unlocked the secrets to flexibility, profitability, and scalability, all for a low upfront investment starting at $60K1.

If you’re ready to conquer your future while making a difference in your community and the lives of children, then don’t wait another day. Choose Kid Chemist as your business.


Kid Chemist is a true trailblazer in the children’s enrichment field, offering two accessible models for our franchisees — lab-based and home-based!


As our lowest investment option, our home- based model gives the power of our profit- driven STEM franchise without the added expense of rent and build-out. Travel to classrooms, events, after-school programs, workshops, birthday parties and more!


Own a centralized location for kids to come and learn in a fun, interactive way! With a Kid Chemist Lab, you still provide all the services of a home-based model, but become a community attraction, run weekly classes/programs, host birthday parties, school field trips, tutoring sessions and other fun experiences!

Here’s why Kid Chemist is the right choice for you…

STABLE, PROFIT-DRIVEN CONCEPT: We focus on a market that has vast potential across the nation — starting as young as preschool-aged and going up to college-level students — the ages you serve are up to you. Our systematic management system is designed to keep business simple while keeping revenue strong. Kid Chemist delivers an extremely strong ROI into your hands, all within an industry teeming with possibility!

INNOVATIVE METHODOLOGY: Our team has assembled some of the most effective, attractive, and repeatable STEM-centric experiences around, plus we allow you to be creative through your own experiments! In doing so, we ensure low competition, repeat clientele, fantastic organic marketing, and children who won’t stop talking about how much they love Kid Chemist! All of our methods and procedures are delivered straight to your hands.

SEVERAL REVENUE STREAMS: Our classes include such hot topics as anatomy, chemistry, biology, and others. Plus, you can bring in more revenue through birthday parties, school field trips, tutoring, personalized lab coats, and Kid Chemist Kits. As an added bonus, we’ll teach you how to partner with local schools for even stronger business!


Driven by our mission, vision, purpose, and core values, it’s vital that our franchise partners align with our foundational principles. Franchisees need to have a passion and knowledge of the basic fundamentals of STEM, and must be excellent at management.

Our Vision

Is to be a program and resource that offers many opportunities for children to be involved, discover new skills, explore different career options, make new friends, receive scholarships, and expand their knowledge.

Our Purpose

Is to have a positive impact on millions of children across the nation. A program for children to learn and love science in a fun and exciting way and prepare them for their future high school and college courses.

Our Mission

Is to inspire and educate children about science through hands-on experiments, enhance children’s interest, knowledge, and confidence in all science subjects, and to be a program for children to implement their imagination and curiosity.

Core values

  • Making learning fun
  •  Learning and loving science
  •  Opening students minds to future career goals
  • Setting up students for succes
  • Easing their school career
  • Growing children’s interest, knowledge, and confidence.


Business can be overwhelming, but not with Kid Chemist! Our team works hard to help you manage your day-to-day operations with accessible support and here’s how:

Get Hands-On with Us: Our training program is second-to-none! Franchisees go through hands-on training started at our Kid Chemist headquarters. Following the first phase, we then go hands-on at your location.

Daily Operations and More: To ensure your business runs smoothly, Kid Chemist has outlined a strong operational support model to answer your questions and avoid roadblocks. Some areas of support include customer service methods, product ordering, suggested pricing guidelines, and administrative procedures.

Strategies that Work: Marketing your business effectively is essential to growth! We supply our franchisees with consumer marketing plans and materials for use at the local or regional level, plus coordinate advertising materials to benefit the entire network.

Kid Chemist Site Selection: Our site selection support will help guide you to an ideal location best suited for the growth of Kid Chemist.

One-time Franchise Fee: $25,000

Estimated Initial Investment Range: $61,300 to $105,600 (includes franchise fee)

Royalty Fee: 7% of Gross Sales


My name is Zahraa Mougnieh and I am the creator and founder of Kid Chemist. I graduated from Wayne State University with a Bachelor’s in Science in Psychology. During my college career, I had one goal – to become a dentist. While taking the numerous classes needed for my degree, I realized I was not prepared enough for chemistry growing up.

Chemistry is not an easy subject, to say the least. All of my sleepless nights of studying for my chemistry classes could have been easily resolved if I had learned the fundamentals of science in a way that really made it interesting and fun growing up — the frustration was building. I’ve tutored kids in all subjects since I was 16 years old, worked as a substitute teacher for all grade levels during college, and was a parapro at a local middle school. These experiences showed me that the very same frustration I felt was being felt by many other students. The general consensus was “why am I not being taught this in a fun and exciting way that sparks my interest, knowledge, and confidence in science”?

Science is always looked at by many students as a dreadful subject because of the way it has been presented to them. I knew I could develop a different approach. I started with my nieces, creating hands-on experiments with them at home and targeted a specific subject each week. I saw them grasping advanced concepts without them even knowing — I had made learning fun for them! Their interest in science and chemistry would only grow and, as a result, prepare them the right way for their future.

Through my self-teaching and endless studying, I was afraid of failing or not getting accepted. Applying to many dental schools coupled with these experiences taught me that failure is part of the process. I learned so much from failing and found my new passion from it. Through this journey, I created Kid Chemist, a fully hands-on program that strives to have every child grow their interest, knowledge, and confidence in a fun and exciting way through hands-on experiments. Join the Kid Chemist journey with me and see how it can change YOUR life, too!

Zahraa Mougnieh Creator and Founder of Kid Chemist


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Contact Phone: 978-886-7908
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Title: Franchise Sales
Franchise Fee: $25000
Initial Investment: $61,300 to $105,600
Support Training: yes

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