If you believe coding education is important for kids and teens, come and join our expert group of game-changers, and be our new Franchise partner.

We believe in the importance of fun-based education and are looking for a Master Franchise partner in every region across Canada and Franchisees as well.

The demand for e-skills is growing in Canada and worldwide. Every child should get the chance to learn the basics of computer coding.

You can start an innovative and successful franchise business by building your own network of Logiscool coding schools in your exclusive territory. Our students create computer games, control robots, tell visual stories, and acquire digital literacy in an easy to understand, gamified way. While doing so, they improve the digital skills essential in the 21st century, such as logical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, self-confidence, and more.

Our award-winning franchise

• Is present in 16 countries and 100+ school locations • educates 70,000+ students worldwide • Has 800+ digital lessons with fun-based methodology and a long-term curriculum
• Uses our proprietary education platform scalable for all ages • Features in-class and online after-school courses and camps in a range of digital topics from computer coding to robotics, ai, minecraft and roblox game design, video production, and more
• employs young, enthusiastic professionals as our trainers who inspire kids and teens

Being a Master Franchise Partner means that you are responsible for building a network in your country, province, or other geographic regions.
A Single Unit Franchise Partner is running one Logiscool in a town, district, or another area of a city.