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Power Up Your Future with a Profitable Online Farmers Market


Profitability and Convenience in One Simple Model

Imagine owning a revolutionary grocery concept in the eCommerce industry that is on trackto capture 14% of the U.S. grocery spend — the grocery and supermarket U.S. market size is valued at $818.6 billion! Market Wagon is the ONLY online farmers market concept of its kind in the local food space that offers a customer experience with little direct competition. Our franchise partners gain proprietary methods that directly benefit both local food producers and consumers while being bolstered with non-stop support, proven marketing plans, new business development strategies, and all the technology they need for a streamlined, lucrative business.


Market Wagon delivers a farmers market to every doorstep by offering an end-to-end eCommerce experience that is unlike any other e-commerce grocery business. The food is fresh, healthy, sustainable, and local. We enable local farmers and food artisans to directly reach the growing cadre of consumers who seek transparency about where their food comes from and how it is produced.

Market Wagon’s logistics system, powered by proprietary technology, offers food growers and makers a very different supply chain when compared with conventional grocers or other e-grocers. Because the supply chain is local, the inventory can remain with the producer until the day the consumer receives it. It’s a true just-in-time system that results in super fresh food.

Enjoy the satisfaction of owning a business that benefits everyone. Leverage our knowledge and support to create your very own sustainable business in a billion dollar industry. Invest in Market Wagon.

Join the One and Only Online Farmers Market

Choosing a business that boasts both profitability and simplified procedures is what you want and Market Wagon is your answer.

Here’s why:

UNIQUE COST-SAVING CONCEPT: No other brand is accomplishing what Market Wagon is in the local food space. As the only online farmers market with proprietary technology enabling low-cost fulfillment methods, Market Wagon makes aggregating orders for delivery to consumers’ doorsteps easy and convenient.

HARNESS LOCAL DEMAND AND LOCAL SUPPLY: Farm-fresh and local food has been and will continue to be in high demand. Not only do people want to get the best and freshest food, 70% are willing to spend more on local food.

COMMUNITY INVESTMENT: When you start a Market Wagon franchise, the revenue stream stays local and supports your community. You’re not only making an investment in yourself as a franchise owner, but you are also investing in other local entrepreneurs (farmers and food artisans) and customers who want to support local and see your community thrive.

GROWING INDUSTRY: As we said before, eCommerce grocery is expected to capture 14% of the U.S. grocery spend by 2027. Locally sourced food currently accounts for $12 billion of grocery purchases in the U.S. Opening a Market Wagon franchise enables you to be part of the continued growth in this space!

A PROVEN MODEL BENEFICIAL TO ALL: Market Wagon has developed a profitable business model in the local food space. For food producers, Market Wagon is a one-stop-drop for their weekly food sales. It is stress-free compared to physical farmers market locations that are at capacity, don’t fit into their schedule, or are not running during the off season. For consumers, Market Wagon makes accessing local food so much easier. e-Commerce & doorstep delivery simplifies the shopping experience and provides access to more local food than they can find at the physical farmers market.

Our Franchise Partners

As one of the first and only eCommerce grocers operating from centralized hubs that maintain locally sourced items, we need franchise partners who grasp the innovation we are bringing to the local food space.

Additionally, here are some things we expect from our franchisees:

  • Great customer service skills
  • Strong marketing and sales abilities
  • Will protect our core values
  • Will act with respect and integrity
  • Seamless schedule coordination skills
  • General business acumen

How Do We Support Our Franchisees?

Great support is the backbone of any strong franchise model and Market Wagon delivers. From the very first conversation, our team is focused on providing clear communication, troubleshooting assistance, general guidance, and answers to your questions.

PLUG-AND-PLAY TRAINING: Training is simple and straightforward. Our team will teach you all you need to know to plug in to our model and begin operations quickly with tried-and-true knowledge at your back. This includes training on both vendor and local marketing partner recruitment.

OPERATIONAL SUPPORT: There is no area of operations uncovered. Receive ongoing operational support in unit operations and maintenance, quality control, customer service techniques, product ordering, suggested pricing guidelines, and administrative procedures.

MARKETING SUPPORT: As a franchise partner, you start with strong brand power and presence on a powerful SEO-driven website. We offer full service digital ad placements, email marketing guidance and training, launch PR support, and social media guidelines.

MORE PERKS: Our team will help with site selection, quantity discount negotiations, and accounting guidance. Consumer support is also offered to our franchise partners.

The Numbers

Franchise Fee From: $35,000

Estimated Investment Range: $88,500 to $145,900

Royalty Fee: 5% on gross sales from business revenues

Join the Only Online Farmers Market

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Contact Phone: 978-886-7908
Contact Email: [email protected]
Franchise Fee: $35000
Initial Investment: Estimated Investment Range: $88,500 to $145,900
Lead Email: [email protected]
Support Training: Yes

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