Mattress Brands Discounters

Mattress Brands Discounters

Own A Scalable Business in the Sleep Health Essentials Industry

GENERATE EXCEPTIONAL PROFIT With Mattress Brands Discounters

Did you know that we spend a third of our lives sleeping on a mattress? Are you a budding entrepreneur looking to join a market generating billions of dollars? Look no further, you’ve found the perfect investment with Mattress Brands Discounters.

Mattress Brands Discounters is the only true discount store for mattresses in the entire country. We offer a variety of mattresses from premium name brands at affordable prices.  Our founder found a huge problem in the industry after visiting thousands of mattress shops during his career as a sales representative for multiple name-brand suppliers. He realized that all of these retail stores were relying on the low-profit margins set by the manufacturer. He also realized manufacturers had issues getting rid of closeout products. The solution to fix this problem was by opening a discount mattress store that would sell name-brand mattresses mixed with closeout products with extremely high margins. The industry average in a mattress store for gross profit is in the low 40’s. With this mattress model, it’s in the high 50’s. In addition to our mattresses, we provide everything needed for the comfiest bed, including sheets, pillows, frames, and more. Our unique concept creates an impressive potential ROI for all of our investors and a chance for customers to finally get the healthy sleep they desire.

Don’t follow the status quo of low customer satisfaction and few sales. Start selling more than you can count and help your customers sleep soundly with the Mattress Brands Discounters team!


Is your concern for steady income keeping you awake at night? Rest easy knowing you’ve invested in a low-risk, high-reward franchise when you join our team! Mattress Brands Discounters was founded by Brennan Clifford, a master of the industry. He recognized a problem in the market and perfected the Mattress Brands Discounters business model. Mattress Brand Discounters is the absolute best choice for all the sleep needs of every consumer. On top of having our unbeatable prices, we can offer our franchisees major advantages:

PROVEN TO BE PROFITABLE: Mattress Brands Discounters currently has two operating locations to be replicated by franchisees. We have perfected our procedures and strengthened our operating model to make the greatest potential ROI for all of our investors.

GROUNDBREAKING CONCEPT: Our founder’s strategy to sell mattresses at a lower price with higher margins is something that other stores cannot compete with. We are the only mattress store that has a true discount-type business model that mixes regular-lined brands with brand-name closeout products.

BRINGING YOU BUSINESS: Our website organically receives over 20,000 visits a month in addition to advertising via social media that allows us to build our brand and widen your customer base.

SET-UP FOR IMPRESSIVE ROI: Our operating structure allows for quick cash flow with limited employees and an affordable average sales price. You will sell more of your merchandise while meeting customers’ needs than any average retail store.

DECADES OF EXPERIENCE: Our founder has been active in the mattress industry since 2003 and has learned every aspect of the industry from several large mattress manufacturers and retailers. He has utilized this knowledge to build, manage, and perfect the Mattress Brands Discounters business model and operating structure.

SIMPLE STRUCTURE: Our business concept is easily taught to anyone with the motivation to learn it. Our two successful locations will provide you with the perfect model to replicate and ensure your franchise’s operations are effective.

JOIN the Family

We at Mattress Brands Discounters think of our customers, staff, and franchisees as family, and we never want to disappoint our family. We will go out of our way to make sure our team is successful, but our efforts will be most effective for candidates with the following characteristics:

  • Prioritizes customer service
  • Good with organization
  • Amiable personality
  • High personal standards


Our mattresses aren’t the only things to give the best support, our team is committed to helping our franchisees from their very first day. You will always be prepared when you’re on the Mattress Brands Discounters team.

ONGOING TRAINING: Mattress Brands Discounters will provide online and in-person training provided by our major manufacturer’s sales reps. We will provide ongoing training, keeping our franchisees up to date on the latest industry trends.

OPERATIONAL SUPPORT: In addition to remote sales support and sales training from our top producers, we provide support to all of our franchisees in every area essential to business. Some of these areas include unit maintenance and operations, customer-service techniques, product ordering, suggesting pricing guidelines and administrative procedures.

MARKETING SUPPORT: We have you covered when it comes to advertising your business. We will supply all franchisees with consumer marketing plans and materials, develop advertising strategies, and access to all digital marketing materials and documents.

ADDITIONAL PERKS: We will negotiate quantity discounts and floor model discounts on behalf of all of our franchisees, provide research on methods and techniques for your franchise operations, and offer exclusive territory to our early adopters.

WORKING the Numbers


ESTIMATED INVESTMENT RANGE: $106,717 to $196,900

ROYALTY FEE: 4% of gross sales

To get started, please fill out the franchise form.


Contact Phone: 978-886-7908
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Title: Franchise Sales
Franchise Fee: $25000
Initial Investment: $106,717 to $196,900
Support Training: YES

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