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THE PROPRIETARY EDGE TECHNIQUE Changing the Industry: The PET Face Lift

Add a revenue-boosting business to your portfolio with MIPPS Clinic. We are the ONE and ONLY cosmetic clinic in the world that features the PET Face Lift —

The PET Face Lift is a proprietary technique developed by plastic surgeon and Professor of Anatomy, Dr. Alex DeSouza. Dr. DeSouza invented the PET Face Lift using 100% anatomical models as a way for patients to achieve the look and results they were seeking with zero downtime! PET stands for Point of Elevation of Tissue. This unique minimally invasive technique has instantaneous results and is the perfect complementary service for other popular cosmetic procedures, such as Botox or fillers. It is the ONLY cosmetic procedure that is 100% reversible and has zero risk of facial problems.

As a franchise partner, you will dive deep into a simple-to-follow training program facilitated by Dr.DeSouza and his corporate team, unlocking the PET Face Lift revenue stream not available anywhere else in the market. All franchisees receive hands-on training at the MIPPS Clinic Cadaver Lab, have exclusive access to the MIPPS Clinic Metaverse, and receive the MIPPS Clinic Operations Manual reference book. We make it easy to get on board with this first-to-market concept as the one and only cosmetic franchise to feature PET Face Lift.

Why PET Face Lift and MIPPS Clinic? The PET Face Lift is the perfect complement to all other M.I.P.P.S., yet offers a potential 600% higher profit margin — that is an estimated 8X more profitability than Botox or fillers. It gives clients instant results with zero risk of facial tissue damage.

Capture your market with the innovative PET Face Lift. Invest in a MIPPS Clinic.

IMPROVE YOUR BOTTOM LINE with Our Extensive Training as Your Foundation

MIPPS Clinic isn’t just another cosmetic practice — we boast an award-winning reputation and thousands of satisfied
customers thanks to our unique PET Face Lift that no other clinic in the industry provides. Our team is here to give you
non-stop training, giving you the keys to more profitability without the extra time. Why should you choose MIPPS Clinic
as your business?

SHORTEN THE LEARNING CURVE: Perfect the unique PET Face Lift technique with hands-on training at our corporate cadaver labs. Dr. DeSouza also invites you to his weekly virtual MIPPS Clicnic MetaVerse — ask questions and get answers straight from the creator of PET for the entire first year of your franchise. The MIPPS Clinic MetaVerse is unlike any other business — we give you a full, ongoing educational program that gives you an estimated 8x more profitability than the most popular procedures!

THE MIPPS CLINIC BOOK: Our team has designed a fully inclusive, comprehensive guide to PET Face Lift and the MIPPS Clinic model. Everything from SOPs to pricing guidelines to social media marketing is covered in the MIPPS Clinic book!

MORE REVENUE FOR YOUR TIME: MIPPS Clinic is a versatile model that gives you more revenue without
the added time. Our franchise model was designed by Dr. DeSouza at the helm and is structured for simplified
operations for medical professionals. Easily gain more revenue without your schedule suffering.

PROFIT FROM PET: The cosmetic surgery market was valued at $67.3 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow to $201 billion by 2031 — that is a 11.6% CAGR! We tap into this lucrative market with a service that is potentially 600% more profitable than the most popular procedures.

IMAGINE OWNING A BUSINESS that Does Something that No One Else Does

Our franchise partners have the opportunity to enjoy a business that is proven to work with all of the guesswork removed and ongoing support. Our franchisees will enjoy a simplified training experience, giving them everything they need to succeed. It is important that our franchisees abide by the professionalism and customer service standards that have made our brand what it is today. Here are some other characteristics we are seeking:

  • Understanding of business management
  • Consistent, strong marketing abilities
  • Driven to grow the business
  • Background in the medical industry
  • Committed to incredible customer service


The road to growth, efficiency, and profit is built with strong support as its foundation— it’s all here in our incredible support model. From eye-catching branding to weekly meetings, our team will ensure your questions are always answered.

Your business starts with in-depth training before your location’s launch, covering administrative, operational and , technique training The MIPPS MetaVerse: “Walk-in” to our MetaVerse MIPPS Clinic and get your questions answered. Our MetaVerse Clinic is a virtual experience that gets you face-to-face with Dr. DeSouza and his team. Maximize your time and see feedback and guidance up close and in real time. Ask any questions, be as specific as you’d like, and get detailed answers on the spot. Our team is here to deliver practical and accessible advice throughout the entire first year of your franchise!

To ensure your business runs smoothly, our team will continue to provide ongoing training and operational support in areas critical to your business.

Marketing support is ongoing throughout the life of your franchise. This includes network-wide advertising campaigns and hyper-local marketing plans.

Our team stays on top of the latest techniques and technology in the marketplace. All of our research and development pours back into our franchisees, finding new ways to be profitable and relevant.



ESTIMATED INITIAL INVESTMENT RANGE:  $163,250 to $260,500 (including franchise fee)

ROYALTY FEE:  4.9% of Gross Sales

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Contact Phone: 978-886-7908
Contact Email: [email protected]
Franchise Fee: $75000
Initial Investment: ESTIMATED INITIAL INVESTMENT RANGE: $163,250 to $260,500 (including franchise fee)
Lead Email: [email protected]
Support Training: Yes

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