Munster Cravings

Munster Cravings


Did you know that Americans consume over TWO BILLION cookies a year? That’s an average of 300 per person! Tap-in on the always-in-demand cookie industry and enjoy a profession of putting smiles on people’s faces and dough in your bottom line.

How a Munster Cravings Franchise has the right ingredients for sweet profits.

If you are craving the sweet taste of success, Munster Cravings’s business model of premium products, low overhead, and customer first attitude is the perfect recipe for profitability.

Since 95% of American households eat cookies, you can be confident your product will be in high demand, at all times of the year! Our business model is easy to learn and has a low initial investment, meaning you can start small and ramp up quickly. Following our recipe for success, Munster Cravings franchises have a projected earning potential that offers a higher-than-average ROI by the end of the second year. And only Munster Cravings franchisees have access to our exclusive dough ingredients and branded packaging at discounted prices. The secret is in the dough! It’s a key ingredient in making our superior product which customers will crave and come back for again and again.



Monster Cravings LLC is the creation of Veronica Dalzon, a baker and business pioneer in Atlanta, GA. with a mission to “elevate the consumer’s cookie expectations.” Her recipe for success is a simple one – ah-mazing cookies baked fresh from scratch and on demand. Munster Cravings cookies make our customers happy from the inside out, and our business model of premium products, low overhead, and customer first attitude is the perfect recipe for profitability.

Do You Have the Right Mix?

Monster Cravings is looking for franchisee’s who are as passionate about our brand as we are, and who can manage a team that is dedicated to the highest levels of customer service.

Our customer’s satisfaction is our highest priority, and our franchise owners must be dedicated to upholding our philosophy, because reputation is everything in the food service industry.

The truth is that our business model can be taught to anyone that is motivated to learn – but ideally our owners should probably like cookies!

Whether you are an entrepreneur, someone with experience in the food industry, hospitality business, retail management, or a baker- as long as you have integrity, a willingness to learn, and the ability to manage a staff to uphold our core values and priorities, then you might have the ‘flavor’ we want.

We are ready to get baking. The only missing ingredient is YOU!

You’ll have Munster support behind you

We offer several different paths to becoming a Munster Cravings franchise. Whether you are a Startup, a Conversion, or an Add-On, our ongoing support program will be there to meet every need as you get up and running and beyond. We have thought of everything!

Our 3-phase training begins with a week at the original Munster Cravings location in Atlanta, GA, where you will learn the operations from the top to the bottom. The next phase is on location, supporting and assisting as you prepare for the grand opening. Thirdly, refresher training will be required 2 days per year for the owner and whatever staff designated.

Our support programs:

There are ongoing trainings available to our franchisees in Operations, Maintenance, Customer Service Techniques, Ordering, and Pricing.

We have done the work to fine tune advertising materials and strategies, consumer marketing plans, and most materials at the local level.

We provide a lease worksheet and demographic details for new locations, in addition to on site approval visits.

Continued market research makes for updated and improved methods in every aspect of the business, not to mention the variety of different flavors for our gourmet cookies!

As you need it, we are ready to help increase staff as your business grows. This will avoid unnecessary overhead expenses for you and promote your success!



INITIAL INVESTMENT: $170,000 (inclusive of franchise fee)


If you are craving the SWEET TASTE OF SUCCESS – Contact us today!

To get started, please fill out the franchise form or visit our website


Contact Phone: 978-886-7908
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Title: Franchise Sales
Franchise Fee: $30000
Initial Investment: $170,000 (inclusive of franchise fee)
Lead Email: [email protected]

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