Invest in a Proven and Whimsically Disruptive Concept that’s Turning the Ice Cream Industry Upside Down and Unleashing Untapped Profit Potential

Craft Your Own Legacy in a Booming Billion Dollar Market Backed By an Unmatched Track Record and a Powerhouse Brand

OddFellows Ice Cream Co. is all about slinging small-batch sensations and obsessing over weird, whimsical, and wild combos. Join the ranks of industry rebels, shaking up the frozen treats scene with a concept that’s serving up a whole vibe. Buckle up baby and break into the next level of business ownership – where the unimaginable becomes the unforgettable.

The OddFellows ethos is epic and we’re advocates for anything but the ordinary. Our authentic style is high key smashing status quos and our addictive artisanal creations are backed by a proven and simple-to-follow business blueprint. This is your chance to claim a taste of the $18 billion ice cream market and open up a sweet new staple for your neighborhood!

The OddFellows tale first began in Brooklyn guided by the ingenious vision of literal tastemakers Mohan Kumar, Holiday Kumar, and Sam Mason. Since 2011 this dynamic dream team has concocted over 500 off-the-wall flavors
and fresh takes where every scoop is an invitation  to explore the unexplored and forge a palette that prefers the unconventional.

Are you ready to collab on a more flavorful, fulfilling, and fun future? Just say yes chef!

A Rare Opportunity to Redefine Flavor Innovation and Create a More Rewarding Future

With a proven track record and flavor-forward concept, OddFellows isn’t just your average franchise – it’s a chance to be part of a dynamic and daring ice cream coup d’etat. If you’re hungry for a venture that’s as passion-filled as it is profitable, OddFellows has the recipe for your success.

Proven Wins: OddFellows hit the scene with a bang, launching in Brooklyn and quickly expanding. Our success showcases a profitability that’s as boundless as our flavors.

Strong ROI: With sensible overhead and startup costs that will save you stacks, our priority of optimizing profitability pairs perfectly with an impressive bottom line.

Simple Ops: Our model is smooth like soft-serve, with straightforward operations and a streamlined management structure that keeps your hustle hassle-free.

Growth Gains: The world wants high-quality and unconventional. OddFellows is here to deliver with fire socials and stats hotter than our wasabi chocolate chip.

Radical Concept: From housemade concoctions to our vintage decor, we’re serving up an out-of-the-box experience that keeps customers on their toes and coming back.

Searching For Our Ice Cream Dream Team

We’re looking to partner with trailblazers and trendsetters who thrive on fearless imagination and forging connections. If you’ve got the charm to make friends with a brick wall and the guts to turn baconeggncheese ice cream skeptics into rabid fans, you’re our kind of candidate. Potential franchisees should possess:

  • Strong sales and customer service abilities
  • General business acumen and management skills
  • Passion for our brand and our company culture

Are You Craving Authentic Community?

At OddFellows, we’re not some faceless corporate giant; we’re a tight-knit artisan community that’s committed to a culture of personal and professional growth. From mentorship that feels like grabbing a scoop with an old friend to heartfelt guidance that’s as warm as our freshly baked waffle cones, we’re here to curate a rare level of camaraderie.

Avant-Garde Guidance: Our operational support is the secret recipe for everything from customer service to admin hacks.

Brand Power: OddFellows is a brand that’s impossible to ignore. Our marketing maestros will have the whole block buzzing.

Big Savings: We use our collective purchasing power to score savvy discounts that’ll bless your bank account and your bottom line.

Strong Start: Our site selection services go beyond the basics including demographic deets and our final stamp of approval.

Next-Gen Vision: OddFellows’ leadership continually develops techniques to remain at the forefront of industry innovation.

Investment Snapshot

Franchise Fee: $30,000

Minimum Initial Investment: $250,000

Royalty Fee: 6% of Gross Sales

Local Advertising: 1% of Gross Sales

Corporate Marketing Fund: 1% of Gross Sales

Invest in a Proven Ice Cream Phenomenon!

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Contact Phone: 978-886-7908
Contact Email: [email protected]
Franchise Fee: $30000
Initial Investment: $250,000
Lead Email: [email protected]
Support Training: Yes

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