A (W)holistic Approach to Health and Wellness

Are you looking for a health and wellness franchise with a track record of success and a highly experienced management team? Planta Rx®️ is pioneering a lane of our own in the health and wellness industry by providing a cutting-edge approach to the plant medicine, mushrooms, cannabis, hemp, and wellness industries that goes beyond conventional methods. With expert training and coaching from the Planta Rx®️ team, we will teach you how to change lives with our top-tier, educational, plant-based medicine wellness clinics.

Planta Rx®️ is the PREMIER brand for people in search of alternative pathways to healthier living. We have worked tirelessly to become the TRUSTED source for all things plant medicine, such as cannabis and CBD/Hemp, including but not limited to education, doctors, referrals, and products. Our proprietary product company, Planta Rx®, was developed by Founder “Yasmine” Jeannette Egozi M.A., CCC-SLP, CMHP because of her passion for healing and dedication to high-quality products and wellness services. Being of Hispanic descent and exposed to special needs populations her entire life, her personal story is one of strength and triumph, which is an inspiration for health and healing through cannabis and wellness. She herself is a cancer thriver and used plant medicine to help her through the most challenging times of her life. Our clinics offer numerous CBD product options, medicinal mushrooms, wellness consultations, and even an on-site doctor who can recommend medical marijuana cards to qualified patients. The Planta Rx®️ system is well positioned and poised for growth with a proven track record and highly experienced operations and management team. The business model is in high demand, even in this unique retail environment. The Planta Rx®️ business model is designed to offer entrepreneurs with a passion for health and wellness to plug right into a proven system and operating structure that provides a one-stop shop for customers’ health needs. Are you interested in owning a dynamic plant-based medicine wellness clinic that is committed to the highest level of service? If so, this is the opportunity for you!


A Plant-Based Medicine Wellness Clinic

Planta Rx®️ is tapping into the booming plant medicine and health and wellness industries by providing a one-stop shop for a customer’s wellness needs. Our goal is to educate on and give access to high-quality products that represent the true benefits of plant medicine while helping customers live their best lives.

Simple-to-Operate: The Planta Rx®️ model is relatively simple from an operational standpoint, and delivers an extremely unique and high-quality experience to the customer while maximizing efficiency to the bottom line.

Why We’re Different: Planta Rx® has been in the cannabis industry since 2013, we own a vertically licensed cannabis operation in Colorado, and we’ve created and nurtured strategic alliances within the international market. Furthermore, the owner is Hispanic and the company’s operators are all women who are recognized as industry experts and have professional medical and mental health backgrounds. Our understanding of the cannabis plant and its benefits far surpasses that of an average smoke shop, and we’ve developed proprietary CBD products formulated and manufactured in the United States to ensure our patients and customers live happier, pain-free, and healthier lives.

Proprietary Products: The affiliate product company (Planta Rx®) provides hand-picked and curated organic hemp-derived CBD. All products are farm bill compliant with less than 0.3% THC, from FDA-compliant facilities. The products are all chemist-formulated and 3rd party tested looking for microbial bacteria, insect mites, mold, and mildew. Our products are Paraben Free, Gluten Free, Pesticide Free, GMO-Free, and Sulfate Free. Most products are made with flowers from the tops of the plants, and we also offer delivery and shipping domestically!

Experienced Management Team: Founder, “Yasmine” Jeannette Egozi M.A., CCC-SLP, CMHP, brings 20+ years of experience, dynamic style, and a cutting-edge approach as a Licensed Speech Language Pathologist, Certified Mental Health Professional, (W)holistic Wellness Guide, a Soul Focused Healing practitioner and an Internationally Certified Stress Management Consultant. Furthermore, she is well-versed in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of how humans heal. She is committed to sharing her expertise with franchisees across the nation.

Poised for Growth: The system itself is well positioned and poised for growth with a proven track record of success in one of the fastest growing industries estimated to reach USD $47.22 Billion by 2028, up from USD $4.9 Billion in 2021.

Strong Potential ROI: Planta Rx®️ has an extremely strong potential ROI for a franchise owner. With reasonable overhead and applicability in just about any market, the concept is financially sound.

Are You a Good Fit for Planta Rx®️?

The most successful Planta Rx®️ franchisees will have experience in wellness, sales, and marketing, take pride in managing relationships with customers and have a deep desire to help others live pain-free and happier lives. Franchisees must understand and grasp the culture and ingenuity Planta Rx®️ brings to the plant medicine and health and wellness space. We are seeking franchisees who have the following qualities to join our team:

  •  Incredible Passion, Work Ethic, Discipline, Honesty and Integrity
  •  Dynamic and Approachable Personality
  •  Sales and Marketing Skills
  •  Commitment to Company’s Purpose and Vision
  •  Excellent Customer Service skills
  •  Leadership Mentality
  •  Compassionate Listener with an Affinity for Problem Solving
  •  Desire to Learn and Grow

Your Success is Our Success

We provide the extensive knowledge, support, and experience necessary to make each Planta Rx®️ a profitable business. Your success is our success.

Comprehensive Training: An extensive dual-phase initial training program will help set up our franchise partners with all the knowledge they need to run a Planta Rx®️ franchise.

Marketing Support: We will coordinate the development of advertising materials and strategies, consumer marketing plans, and social media marketing.

Operational Support: We will provide ongoing training and support in many areas, including unit operations and maintenance, customer service and sales techniques, product ordering, suggested pricing guidelines, and administrative procedures.

Ongoing Business Development Support: We will provide our continued research methods and techniques to enhance unit-level profitability. As this industry continues to grow, we will continue to create new, innovative, premium products.

Financial Snapshot

Franchise Fee: $40,000

Estimated Minimum Initial Investment: $120,100 to $188,000 (with franchise fee)

No Royalty Fee

A Note From the Founder 

So, what inspired a speech therapist and mental health counselor to start a CBD business? It’s simple – because I love helping people feel good (who doesn’t?!). But, like many of our customers, I found myself frustrated with the available health and wellness options: discount establishments selling mediocre products without understanding them, not to mention products that didn’t work, misguided information,  and shops that made us feel like we were entering a hippie fest! So, with the guidance and vision of industry-leading female entrepreneurs, we built the brand, cbd and wellness experience we longed for. We hope you’ll love it as much as we do. Heal ya soon!

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Contact Phone: 978-886-7908
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Title: Franchise Sales
Franchise Fee: $40000
Initial Investment: $120,100 to $188,000 (with franchise fee)

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