The Nation’s Most Experienced Swimming Pool and Spa Services Team

Make More Money and Grow Faster with the Most Innovative Business Model in the Industry

Corporate Location Financials = $2.598 Million (ONE LOCATION) *See Item 19 For Additional Information on Financials.

Poolblu, founded and operated by industry veterans, has revolutionized the local pool business and has shown strong year-over-year growth as it begins to build out the network. By owning a Poolblu franchise you gain access to a team that has become a frontrunner in the pool renovation, repair, maintenance, and supplies industry. This is an opportunity for any motivated entrepreneur to follow Poolblu’s blueprint for success and quickly dominate your local market with advanced technologies and streamlined systems!

An unmatched collection of industry-leading concepts, technologies, services, and practices:

• The Poolblu Training Institute, (PTI), educates your team as well as your customers! Assuring both your ability to deliver quality services and expand your business, the PTI distills decades of experience into succinct, well-defined bite-size classes – and makes owning a high-performing pool business a reality for any financially capable entrepreneur.

• Vision – Another of Poolblu’s differentiators is the innovative paperless business system – the Vision System. This browser-based technology integrates customer care, quoting, dispatching, fleet monitoring, order processing, and on-site pool system monitoring capabilities. Payments and cash applications are integrated into a single seamless field service business operating system. Supported and operated together with you and members of the Poolblu Brand Services team, you get a seamlessly connected system.

• Centralized, State-of-the-art customer care center delivers unbeatable customer services and industry leading support for your technical team.

• E-commerce. Additionally, poolblu.com delivers a leading e-commerce capable website to you and your clients. Poolblu’s “hands-free” product order fulfillment, shipping, and expediting process make the additional stream of e-commerce revenues a huge benefit to the model – not available in many other service-oriented businesses.

Equip your portfolio with a powerhouse business boasting multiple revenue streams, recurring revenue – from both “required” and high-margin “discretionary” purchases.

The pool and spa service industry is a high-growth market, responding to an ongoing need – and with most markets still available. Servicing commercial and residential pools and spas can be mysterious – even difficult – for owners and operators, but Poolblu has simplified the entire process, providing you with a clear roadmap to success. By sharing proven strategies for growth, tools, and resources, any Poolblu franchise owner can expect to excel and offer outstanding pool services. The Poolblu franchise is the upper echelon of business opportunities and a recalibrated take on pool cleaning and maintenance that the industry needs. From innovative technologies – through the best-in-class graduates of the Poolblu Training Institute, Poolblu is the solution entrepreneurs and customers have been looking for.

Poolblu has a 100% customer satisfaction policy, which results in rave client reviews, testimonials, and referral business. The Poolblu reputation and proven systems enable you to establish a branded, professional pool and spa business with virtually unlimited potential.

With the North American Pool and Spa services industry worth over $15 billion annually – and the home services industry reaching $600 billion, a truly innovative business model has emerged.

“These guys are Salt of the Earth” 

Jump In and Join the Poolblu Team!

BUILT DIFFERENTLY – BUILT BETTER  All Pool/Spa franchises are NOT created equal. 

If you look hard enough, it can be hard to tell most pool and spa franchises apart. They all promise a business in a great industry, a career that’s fun and rewarding, ongoing training, a clever brand and unlimited growth. Poolblu is different – we not only show you how to do it – we are with you every step of the way…every day.

BEING THE BEST – HAS NEVER BEEN SO EASY. The minute you become a Poolblu franchisee – you are the best in the world in your market. 

An un-matched product and service selection, a world-class website to showcase it all, an unbeatable call center answering phones – adding customers, generating quotes, processing orders and more.

TRAINING IS NOT A THING – IT’S IN OUR DNA. Growing your team has never been so easy. 

To build any services company – trained professionals are a must. But a few weeks of training is not what we do. In addition to our immersive classroom and on-site introductory training, you and your team have unlimited access to the Poolblu Training Institute – An elite Educational System that boasts classroom, laboratory, on-site, on-line remote and 24/7 support. Annual Meetings, regularly scheduled symposiums, regional training and easy access to materials and instructors is just part of what we do.

SUPPORT IS NOT A DEPARTMENT – IT IS A WAY OF DOING BUSINESS. Our call center is staffed by the best sales, customer care specialists and pool and spa technicians in the world. 

They field your calls – and your customers’ calls – round the clock. They turn problems into profits – and novices into experts. All day. Every day. Its expertise like no other – and they are by your side ‘round-the-clock. It’s all only at Poolblu – and built into our business model. Maximizing growth and profits – while minimizing costs – has never been simpler.

MAKE $ – NOT WORK. It’s simple – technicians make $ when they are working on pools – why should they do anything else? 

We centralize, automate, perfect AND EXECUTE all the business activities that your team doesn’t have to do on the jobsite or at the local office level. Whether it’s answering the phone, selecting products and suppliers, training, generating quotes, and securing orders. We have a business system and a team of experts that let you make more money – grow faster than any other franchise. Our business team and system runs the day-to-day, while you focus on building your team and your collection of happy customers.

YOU HAVE IT – THEY DON’T! Exclusive Products and Services no one else can offer! 

We all know that unique, proprietary and superior products and services are the bedrock of competitiveness and profitability. Poolblu is a technology leader – and you have products and services simply not available anywhere else.

Are You A Good Fit For Poolblu?

Poolblu is seeking franchisees who have the following qualities to join their team:

  • strong work ethic, discipline, and integrity 
  • leadership mentality 
  • sales and customer service abilities 
  • good time management 
  • high personal standards 

A person who meets the above qualifications is exactly who Poolblu is looking for! Poolblu wants candidates who believe in great customer service and high standards when it comes to operating a business, and who want to get on board with a nationwide concept.

Poolblu has a 100% customer satisfaction policy, which results in rave client reviews, testimonials, and referral business. The Poolblu reputation and proven systems enable you to establish a branded, professional pool and spa business with virtually unlimited potential.

Never swim alone! Expect Trusted And Ongoing Support As A Franchisee

Be a part of the most comprehensive supply AND service organization in the world. The following are in place to make your business run smoother – and make more money!


The Poolblu Training Institute, Technician and Management Training Programs.


A seamless end-to-end field service order processing and team management system.


Residential and Commercial pool and spa addresses – highly targeted marketing makes advertising dollars for farther.


Complete and clearly defined collection of services offered – with local pricing flexibility.


Affiliate operations are immediately promoted, as part of Poolblu, and have access to regional sales executives for training.


Ready-made and operating e-commerce capable website for your customers to place orders and learn about your services – even while you sleep.


For supplies and materials with established vendors.


Share ideas and build relationships with other members.

Financial Overview


ESTIMATED MINIMUM INITIAL INVESTMENT: $71,067 (with franchise fee)

ROYALTY FEE: 8% of Gross Sales

To get started, please fill out the franchise form.


Contact Phone: 978-886-7908
Contact Email: [email protected]
Franchise Fee: $35000
Initial Investment: $71067

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