Smartek is an innovative digital advertising media company that helps community businesses with their direct marketing capabilities. Smartek provides digital signage with a variety of applications and an intuitive marketing experience for its customers that run advertisements and any other promotional media on fixed or mobile screens. The advertisements are sold by the franchisees to third party community businesses and are developed in house by the Franchisor home office.

Today people are out and about living their busy lives, thus making it even more difficult for advertisers to reach them with traditional advertising media. Digital signage proven to be effective and there are studies show that 63% of the people say digital signage catches their attention; it is perceived to be more interesting, unique, entertaining, and less annoying.

Smartek has a process to facilitate the systems that most efficiently deliver these services through clients and businesses.  The business model has been essentially perfected and is in a growing market that requires the capability and bandwidth of new partners that can offer the same suite of services in different regions of the country. The growth of this market segment demands that Smartek is able to expand and open new locations that can deliver the same quality services on a consistent and professional basis.

  • Franchise Fee: $25K
  • Royalty is 25% of Gross Sales
  • Local Marketing 1% of Gross Sales
  • General Marketing Fund: 1% of Gross Sales
  • Low High: $199K to $580K, an average of $389K


Initial Investment: $199K to $580K

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