SMOOSH franchise

SMOOSH franchise

SMOOSH has mastered the art of marrying freshly baked cookies, premium ice cream and crazy toppings to create that one of a kind personal ice cream cookie sandwich. This unique combination is so much more than a delicious snack, it is a party in your mouth.

Customers start by choosing the flavor of cookies (they can mix and match the top and bottom), then they choose the ice cream. This creates an amazing amount of possible combinations and possibilities! From there, the customer can add toppings of their choice right before they get ready to devour! MOOSH also offers Milkshakes, Sundaes, Floats, and more!

SMOOSH will be franchising the company’s operations to bring the delicious ice cream and cookie combo to all parts of the Canada and United States. The franchise will provide entrepreneurs looking for a food franchise an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an exciting new, easy-to-operate franchise concept.

  • Franchise fee: $30k
  • Local advertising: 2% gross sales.
  • Corporate marketing fund: 1% f gross sales
  • Royalties 6% on net sales (gross sales, less sales tax)
  • High Low:  $176K to $347K



Franchise Fee: $30000
Initial Investment: $176K to $347K
States: Ontario

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