Tokyo Sushi Express

Tokyo Sushi Express


Why choose a Tokyo Sushi Express franchise?

Traditional Japanese recipes, smooth operational processes, on-trend marketing campaigns, and easy-to-understand training, to name a few reasons.

We’ve been pairing quality, nutritious, and locally sourced ingredients with time-honoured and traditional Japanese recipes since 1998. When you choose to own your Tokyo Sushi Express franchise, you are choosing a wildly-popular fast casual concept and joining a family business that’s been an Edmonton staple for over 2 decades.

Get to Know Tokyo Sushi Express

Tokyo Sushi Express provides a delicious fast casual dining experience centered around traditional Japanese sushi and a simplified hibachi selection. We’re set apart from other restaurants due to our focus on quality ingredients sourced locally, our affordable price points for our customers, and our speedy service!

Our franchisees will find that each Tokyo Sushi Express franchise offers streamlined operations and a simple menu making the business easy to understand and applicable in most markets! Join us as we continue to scale one of the most famous names in Japanese fast casual — Tokyo Sushi Express!

The Franchise Process

The Tokyo Sushi Express Team Meets You!

Our team wants to get to know you and wants you to get to us. We will schedule a virtual or in-person meeting to go over additional questions and details.

Discover the Difference

Tokyo Sushi Express invites you in for an up-close and personal look at our operation. Discovery Day is the time to ask questions and get a feel for how each Tokyo Sushi Express is operated.

Let’s Review

Next, our team will send you a copy of the Tokyo Sushi Express Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for your review. You will have 14 days to review the document.

Apply for Financing

After the FDD review, this is the time to apply for financing if needed!

Your Ownership is Official!

Once we have all decided to move forward, you will review our FA (franchise agreement), sign the appropriate documents, and make your franchise ownership official. You are now a Tokyo Sushi Express franchise partner!

In-Depth Training Starts Here

Our training program is simple and straightforward, packed full of everything you need to know to operate, launch, and sustain your Tokyo Sushi Express restaurant. Once you launch, our field support team is always here to help!

What to Expect From Us

  • Traditional Japanese Recipes
  • Quick Food Prep Procedures
  • Fast, Smooth Operational Processes
  • Strong Brand Power
  • Ongoing Research and Development
  • On-Trend Marketing and Advertising Campaigns
  • POS Software
  • Accessible Franchise Support Team
  • Easy-to-Understand Training
  • Proven Business Model
  • Exclusive Territory

What We Expect From Franchisees

  • Understands Cost Management
  • Grasps the Tokyo Sushi Express Company Culture
  • Exudes High Personal Standards
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Strong Sales and Marketing Skills
  • Meets Financial Requirements

Franchise FAQ

What will my income be as a Tokyo Sushi Express franchisee?

Regulations prohibit us from making any earnings claims on our site. For more exact numbers within our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), fill out the initial contact form.

Do I get an exclusive territory?

Yes! Territories are based on a population of 50,000 to 100,000 people.

What sort of qualifications are you looking for in a franchisee?

Our franchisees must have incredible customer service skills, have a well-rounded character, possess an appreciation for Japanese cuisine, and have strong management skills.

What sort of support do you give your franchisees?

Our franchisees gain support in all areas pertinent to operating a successful Tokyo Sushi Express franchise! Ongoing support includes — but is not limited to — administrative support, tech troubleshooting, advertising and marketing guidance, pricing guidelines, refresher training, accessible field support, and more!

Investment at a Glance

• Franchise Fee: $25,000
• Royalty Fee: 6%
• Advertising Fee: 1%
• Estimated Initial Investment: $115,000 to $226,000

READY TO GET STARTED? CONTACT US TODAY, [email protected], (780) 488-1488


Contact Phone: 800-610-0262
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Title: Franchise Sales
Franchise Fee: $25000
Initial Investment: $115,000 to $226,000
Lead Email: [email protected]
Support Training: Yes

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