Turf Badger

Turf Badger

A Franchise Offering

Lawn Care Elevated, Pests Obliterated!

The Ultimate all-in-one solution and success opportunity you’ve been looking for!

Join a Recession-Resistant Industry with a $171.2 Billion Market Share

With home ownership rates nearing an all-time high, residential services continue to see significant market growth. By building a recognizable and distinct brand in a high demand industry,

Turf Badger offers a unique franchise opportunity:

Successful Operational Model
Turf Badger has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which results in rave client reviews, testimonials and referral business. This is vital in the ever-evolving world of Internet review websites and social media.

Strong ROI
With reasonable overhead and start-up costs in a recession-resistant industry, Turf Badger offers a fast potential ROI for a motivated owner/operator.

Simple Business Model
The simple, replicable Turf Badger model provides for a quick start-up time, as a franchisee will be able to operate out of their home with the use of a standardized vehicle.

Operationally Sound
The straightforward operating model is designed to run smoothly with a manageable number of employees or 1099s and a reasonable workload for an owner/operator.

Comprehensive Training and Support
Leveraging our extensive industry experience and recognizable brand identity, we provide a platform for franchisee success via superior training and support.

Turf Badger Offers Two Valuable Services in One Recognizable Brand.

Turf Badger provides a vast array of services that include residential and commercial pest remediation as well as a refined lawn care application schedule. By combining both services into one convenient format, founder Jonas Olson used his extensive industry experience to create a distinct value proposition for property owners.

Turf Badger operates several successful locations throughout Michigan and Wisconsin, providing demonstrated expertise, quality products and service, and guarantees that other pest control and lawn care businesses can’t or don’t offer.

Are You the Right Fit for Turf Badger?

The number one quality we look for in a Turf Badger franchisee is a commitment to the customer. Ongoing client relationships form the foundation of the Turf Badger model, so integrity and ethical business practices are critical for franchise success.

Aside from previous lawncare or pest remediation experience, our ideal candidate will exhibit the following qualities:

  • Strong Sales Abilities
  • Good with Timing and Schedule Management
  • Able to Meet the Initial Investment Requirements

We’re Here to Help You Succeed.

Because the owner/operator franchise model is hands-on, it requires more than a simple financial investment. That’s why we want to provide every possible tool for franchisee success.

Comprehensive Training
Turf Badger designed our dual-phase initial training program to empower our partners with all the knowledge they need for franchise success.

Support Operational
Turf Badger will provide ongoing training and support in many areas, including operational procedures, customer service techniques, and administration.

Door hangers, pay per click campaigns, and yard signs help drive service businesses, so Turf Badger will provide franchisees with both SEO/ SEM strategies and collateral designs to be printed in their respective territory.

Turf Badger will provide financial and legal oversight of franchisees and the Franchisor organization as a whole.

Reasonable Start-Up Costs Provide a Faster Path to Profitability.

Franchise Fee: $30,000

Minimum Initial Investment: $60,680 (Including Franchise Fee & Training)

Royalty Fee: 8% of gross sales

Required Local Marketing Spend: 4% of gross revenues

Jump start your career with Turf Badger: The Ultimate all-in-one solution and success opportunity! Lawn Care Elevated, Pests Obliterated.

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Contact Phone: 978-886-7908
Contact Email: [email protected]
Franchise Fee: $30000
Initial Investment: $60,680
Lead Email: [email protected]
Support Training: Yes

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