Website Closers

Website Closers

An Innovative Concept

Website Closers is the world’s leading business brokerage, selling over $750 million worth of web and tech companies since our inception. We are the thought leader and go-to business brokerage to represent business owners and shareholders of digital companies of all varieties. We are comprised of a highly experienced team of brokerage professionals who are fully dedicated to serving the interests of the online and internet asset entrepreneur. Having closed deals all over the world, the obvious next step for Website Closers is to become a global company. We are extending an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this powerful, industry leader’s expansion through our franchise offering!

  • Franchise Fee: $25K
  • Royalties: 4% of Gross Sales
  • Local Advertising: 2% of Gross sales
  • Corporate Marketing Fund: 1% of Gross Sales
  • Low High: $259K to $395k


Initial Investment: $150K to $165K

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